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"A" Is for Agitation: Radical Chicago Teachers on Parade

cher15 Wrote: Sep 12, 2012 11:25 AM
The school district with one of the worst statistics, and right up there with the highest salaries, decides to wait until the school year starts to strike. BUT they are only thinking of the students. Does ANYONE believe that? Anyone? I was in Chicago and actually saw some of these chest beating, red t-shirted, tatooed, over paid spoiled brats stomping around and just wonder what their students think. Are those the actual teachers or did the unions hire an ACORN type Rent a Mob? They actually look better on TV. I am old enough to remember when teachers demanded respect and actually worried about losing it.
olerocker/bluesman Wrote: Sep 12, 2012 12:00 PM
One has to assume that a lot of the strikers are not teachers and being paid by the Union to walk the picket line.... get rich being union help and cry that Capitalism is wrong and Socialist is right...IQ's of approx. 105...and they teach ......

Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis walks, talks and barks like a rootsy Occupy Wall Street activist. But this Big Labor loudmouth who's leading the abandonment of nearly 400,000 schoolchildren in the Windy City is just another power-grabbing union fat cat.

Instead of academic excellence, she rails about "social justice." Instead of accountability, she fumes about "profits" and curses merit pay. Lewis has marched with the Occu-clowns denouncing capitalism and promoting "socialism (as) the alternative." She raves: "Occupy Wall Street and the whole concept of the 99 percent is an extraordinarily important movement."

And she earned praise as a...