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Hillary Clinton's South American "Scandal" Just Proves There's Cameras Everywhere

chemurdered Wrote: Apr 18, 2012 12:42 AM
Too bad Hillary, I wish more cameras were around to shadow the cad you call your husband and we could have more insight into your "girl" friendships that have been surrounding your life for many years.
While the American media has had a bit of fun with Hillary Clinton "letting her hair down" in Colombia, the Brits don't seem to think it's so lighthearted. London's Telegraph has a dispatch from Washington analyst Nile Gardiner who doesn't think public portrayals by the highest of state officials is so lighthearted.

It is hard to imagine Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell, Madeleine Albright or Henry Kissinger “livin' la vida loca” on the world stage... The overwhelmingly liberal US media is treating the story as a bit of fun, with the usually austere Mrs Clinton seen as letting...
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