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Amen brother!!
A beret and cigar for Obama!
why do sanctimonious liberals worry about "Why do they hate us?" from people that plot , plan and execute their own children? Why do they feel the need to apologize for what we have done? Why does the U.S. give more money to the Palestinians than Saudi Arabia? More Americans will die due to the likes of Obama, Kerry, Clinton, and Feinstein.
Jihad Up, Don't Shoot! ............ I Can't Terrorize!
The racist Holder is off trying to screw two white cops for killing two black criminals. How could he possibly have time deal with the death of a white patriot?
Don't worry, Sandy Berger will review the files prior to their release.
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The College Rape Club

chemurdered Wrote: Dec 11, 2014 8:44 AM
So in the today world of the Progs. torture is not having the Koran read to you at bedtime and rape is a bad tasting kiss.
Putting lipstick on a pig doesn't change the pig
Unions are legalized monopolies. Corruption and coercion are the hallmarks of today's unions. Unions have done more to drive jobs overseas then "outsourcing"
Why stop at giving them a break from their exams? Go full Monty, Grant them all A's in the name of Michael Brown for their unswerving empathy. Poor Michaels future as a Gansta was taken away by a racist white cop that woke up in the morning with the only intention "hunting like a dog" a poor college bound young black man minding his own business.. The grand jury was undoubtedly waiting to adjudicate on a case to put blacks down and protect the white establishment. Go Columbia, show the world who you are!!
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