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Red Lizzy is what the Mass-holes traded Scott Brown for. Mass is stuck in a Kennedy time warp.
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Income Gap Wider in Blue States

chemurdered Wrote: Jun 10, 2014 8:23 AM
Any surprises here? Conservatives believe in the creation of wealth for the good of all. Liberals believe in the theft and transfer of wealth for the benefit of a few.
Clinton policies on mortgage lending also left the country broke and in debt. And many believe she is qualified to run the country!
The next big "Transformation Act" from Obama will be to cave big time on Iran,
Thanks Obama and Red Lizzy, you have set us on the path for a meltdown of higher education similar to what Billy Clintoris, Andrew Cuomo and Jenet Reno initiated with the mortgage lending institutions that eventually led to the housing collapse and tanked our economy. Liberal socialists like to blame the "rich" for the underachievement of others. Going after the "rich" to turn the tables will leave the underachievers with more misery.
Obama does not recognize our law. He is knowingly and deliberately aiding the muslim extremists. He comes down on their side, not the side of America. All the indications that he would do this were evident prior to 2008.
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Bowe Bergdahl, Just Deserts

chemurdered Wrote: Jun 05, 2014 1:59 AM
Obama is executing his plan to destroy the America he hates. Bergdahl and Obama are two of a kind. In my Army, Bergdahls old man would have received many "blanket parties"
I can't decide who is the dumbest between Pelosi, Reed or Rice. Can anyone help?
Correct, in the democrat mind, 88% owe it to the 12% as part of their "fair share"
Why don't we have handle for Reid and his actions? Harry the plug, Harry the dodger, no vote Reid etc. If he were a Republican, the MSM would have developed a mocking character of him some time ago.
Only in liberal logic does a white guy lose an election to a minority and accuse the other side of racism. The absurdity and reflexive use of racism by liberals and Democrats should be insulting to the minorities they claim to "represent"
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