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Duz Dis meanz Iz kin only vote once on lekchun day?
Another example of the moral equivalency from leftists. Moral judgments are not to be made except against, Israel, Christians, gun owners and supporters of life and normal marriage.
Behave Robert, your hero Che Guevara would kill you for less
Immigrants from Europe and Asia have come to America and in large part became integrated into our culture, never demanded to keep their own language, became productive tax paying contributors to our country. Immigrants from the south come here, don't accept our culture, don't want to learn our history, and are parasites on the tax payers. They are considered victims by liberals. The Irish , Italians, Germans, Swedes, Koreans Philippinos etc never demanded anything special. The comparison of our current immigrant from the south to that of our ancestors is far from realistic.
Why is Joe Biden's' stupidity sill news?
They had plenty of help; Bill Clinton, Janet Reno, Andrew Cuomo and others pushed the expansion of subprime loans and lower credit standards on the banking industry forcing minority loan quotas etc. on banks. Frank and Dodd promulgated the mess then blamed "Wall Street Greed" for the collapse.
Che murdered innocents
So Katie, what are the ramifications of the "male decision"? Where any one's rights taken away or upheld? Does working for Hobby Lobby mean a woman cannot get contraception or obtain an abortion? Should there be no protection of religious beliefs when laid before the mantle of abortion? Is receiving abortion producing drugs from you employers health plan a protected right under the Constitution?
What happened to the new era of "smart" government the 2008 election brought to us?
Lois Lerner is a criminal on behalf of the state. Orwell warned us about this reality. It is upon us.
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Mrs. Obama's Desperate Plea

chemurdered Wrote: Jul 28, 2014 3:12 PM
In Oblame-as own word, Democrats use "Phony" Issues, based on fear, greed and envy to stir up their voters.
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