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Debbie Wasseman-Shultz recently commented "Republicans continue to wage war on children by taking away their lunch"
I wonder why Lois Lerner never had an interest in Hillarys tax dodging donation scam?
Hillary's resume is no better than Oblamea. Substance, character and integrity have been replaced by the politics of race, gender and class. To which the democrats page homage and tribute while scorning the country that allows the freedom to do so.
Why is the black vote always for sale?
Send her to Gitmo, let the guys their "meet' her for a week. Then ask this misguided idiot if she still wants to fight for these bast...s
someone will die because a non-English speaking health professional will not understand instructions and poison someone. But at liberals are more concerned with empathetic treatment of non-white, non English speaking people to have a consideration outside of feeling good about "equality"
it will air in entirety on July 4, FOX 6 PM Eastern
Did I miss something here? Listening to MSNBC I am led to believe that if I work for Hobby Lobby and I am a woman, I cannot go to the drug store and buy birth control products. Hobby Lobby takes my "reproductive rights" away from me. Well then, working for MacDonald's does have its advantages.
Liberaltroll Have you noticed how you use the word "force" Why is it that modern day liberals are all about control?
Please, Go ahead and start your "War on Coca-Cola" Just keep the government where it should be..... on the sidelines...
Is this what Oblamea means by a "phony scandal"?
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