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This can all be solved with shovel ready jobs and Obama-care.
She is a prime example of what has happened to our education system over the last 40 years.
Charming people these union types
Then rebut with the real history if you know it.
And the Crusades began to combat???
Obama and Holder believe these barbarians are deserving of American Constitutional rights and a civil trial. And let's not forget we can't torture them by throwing a cup of water on their face.
Apparently "shoot and run" is the new muslim terror mantra for Europe, and my guess for the U.S. as well. Until anti terror methods pioneered by Israel are in place these attacks will multiply and liberals will be caught between their sanctimonious dilemma of racial profiling and watching the rape, torture and murder of children. For liberals, the real crime is the former.
So why is this not receiving the same level of attention as Bridge Gate?
During his recent condescending and scornful history lesson, did Obama mention that slavery by Europeans and White Americans ended in the name of Jesus Christ yet persists today on the name of mohammad?
Lying no character liberals have added two new lexicons to their legacy if shallowness: "It depends on what is, is." "I'm sorry I misremembered"
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