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A conservative commentator that is as dumb as Clift would never survive three showings.
Sweden, de facto, endorses hammas
Obama will not quarantine or take strict preventative measures to stop travel from an African of muslim country. Our Obama inspired preventative process was to have an airport flunky ask this dude if he was exposed to Ebola. The WHO asked Obama for 1 billion to fight Ebola, he gave them 1.26 billion and 3000 troops on the ground. Ukraine laments.
Leftists have a natural disdain for the military and the police. Obama, The Clinton's, Holder and the NYC mayor validate this daily.
The only Che t-shirt worth wearing is the one that has his trademark silhouette shaded with the names of those he murdered. The caption reads, Murdered By Che
My workplace has been limiting new employee hours to less than 30 for a couple of years since Obama decided to run the economy his "smart way". Full time employees upon leaving are replaced with 2 part timer employees. Obama calls this job growth. So now my company has far fewer employees on company paid health insurance. These are the consequences of "progressive" social and economic policy.
If this Marine was black and muslim, Obama and Holder would have sent the 82nd Airborne to get him out.
This is the real and unfortunate price society is paying for a higher education today.
Can anyone name anything good done by Muslims and tier faith?
Maybe Holder's last act will be to make this guy Police Chief of Ferguson MO.
Obama is the chief apologist for Muslims these days. We don't hear outrage from muslim clerics for ISIS, Hezbollah, etc. Peace is defined differently by muslims. Non muslims do not want to live in the peace defined by muslims. The Muslims have spread via the sword and still do. Muslim ministries? Muslim humanitarian organizations, how did they respond to the Indonesian tsunami? Let's stop pretending they are a "religion of peace"
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