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How long will Obama and Holder continue to play this charade of deceit on the American people?
Follow the DNA.....
A similar pattern and level of thought is used by liberals to rail against guns, as they accuse white racist and segregationist of using.. But....liberal "feelings" justify their inconsistent logic
I don't think the truth or facts matter. The false narrative of white cops unjustly and routinely killing "innocent" black boys is a loaded gun promulgated by race hustlers, biased media and many in government. It is an emotional trigger forever seeking an opportunity to exploit a situation.
The AP has reported on the criminal history of Daren Wilson's family, including his grandmother. Will the AP or other media do the same for the Brown family? Or would this be too insensitive and racist?
Rioting and mayhem again in Ferguson. It must be the cops fault again tonight.
So is it the "militarization" of the police that is the problem or the propensity for blacks to riot when they are angry?
Holder will find multiple reasons to blame whitey for the primitive behavior of the black mob. Federal money will be doled our for community redevelopment, all white civil employees will be court order to attend diversity training, a black police chief will replace the current one. Federal jobs for black teenagers. In short, the mob violence will be rewarded with our tax dollars. If anyone thinks that Holder will arrest one of the Molotov cocktail throwers, let us hear from you.
The truth won't matter. Holder is out for reparations and will seek it through pressing "civil rights violations" on all persons and entities that he can. Holder exudes racial hostility
Do the coaches use whips too?
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