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"tax the rich till there are no rich no more" The hymn song for Obama-nomics
I predict that Obama, unlike past Presidents, will not go on to build a foundation, give him self to something worthwhile or create anything of value with the good will from his office. He will be exactly what he was before he became President, a do nothing, no account slug with a line of populist BS,
They came here illegally. Should we expect them to change their character and honor our laws? Or maybe they are just "coming out of the shadows"
As an American of Irish decent, I am offended by the term Celtics used by the Boston Basketball team. Further, the leprechaun logo is demeaning to Irish heritage. Please join my campaign "Friends of the Potatoes", we aim to stop and re-educate America from the predominate anti-Irish hate fomented by the Boston Celtics.
Islam has been spread by the sword not by the heart. Wealthy Islamic countries have no propensity to contribute to the less fortunate. After the Indonesia (an Islamist nation) tsunami, how much aid and relief came from the wealthy Arabs? How many ships full of food and medical supplies did they send? When do they ever? Why are there no public cries of condemnation of ISIS from Muslim clerics, or from Muslim heads of state? If theree are so many "peaceful" Muslims, why don't we hear from them?
So it sounds like the Duke rape case would have been adjudicated differently under California law. By definition, does a woman making a porn movie have the right to come back and say, I really didn't want to do this guy, I was raped?
A nine year old, full automatic?
How long will Obama and Holder continue to play this charade of deceit on the American people?
Follow the DNA.....
A similar pattern and level of thought is used by liberals to rail against guns, as they accuse white racist and segregationist of using.. But....liberal "feelings" justify their inconsistent logic
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