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Low morale of the military should come as no surprise as Obama,Rice and Jarret ignore advice from military experts and make decisions based upon political expediency. Military men and women need to know their CIC has their back with support and not a knife. Expect no more from a Hillary Clinton presidency. Liberal progressives disdain the military.
Unlike Clinton that governed by polls, Valerie Jarred , Eric Holder and Al Sharpton are the influencing factors for Obama.
Most will not look beyond the depth of her name. Many will support because she is a "liberated woman" Obama fooled the public twice. She is not as able as Obama, but the shadow of her husband has an undeserved halo effect.
Schumer is the stalking horse for the Clintons. Schumer will create the "real democratic" base by moving to the center and away from Obama while doing all the dirty work for Hillary to be the savior of the "party of the 90's". She won't have to sling any mud. It will be done for her. She will be the "only"one that can unite the fractured party.
The liberal-progressive argument will be that money will be "saved" by extending Medi-cal to illegals. So now they have drives license, health benefits, state college education. Spanish language public education Why become a citizen? European immigrants came with nothing and contributed to the growth of a nation by assimilation and accepting that they were responsible for their success. The result was immigration from Europe was a net gain to our nation. Mexican and Latin American immigrants are a net loss as they suck tax dollars and still believe the southwest was "stolen" from them. They do not care to assimilate and are contemptuous of those that do.
So the solution to this problem is to "demilitarize" the police. dare we should focus on the issue of black youths that place gangsta behavior above "white" goals of education and success. A young black man is many times more likely to be killed by another your black man than a white police officer. But let's get after whitey.
If Michael Brown was white, there would have been no more than a police investigation and a piece in the local paper. The same set of circumstances for a white Mike Brown would have brought criticism of his stupid violent behavior for attempting to take the weapon from a police officer. But the media is left, and the left know they can get mileage out of this. The blacks in Ferguson have been manipulated by the media and black leaders including Obama and Holder. Too many are vested in keeping racism alive through the manufacture of tension. They along, with Mike Brown, are criminals.
Sansebastian You did not answer my question
There are people that are incapable of being civilized. How many, or better yet , name one civilized country led by a black government. And please don't say South Africa. South Africa is hell hole of crime and economic ruin since Mandela.
The "smart" President referred to the two thirds of the voters that did not vote several times after his public repudiation. The "smart" president has used math-a-magic on Obamacare to convince us he is right on his transformation ideas. But the "smart" president ignores valid statistical reality, a one third population sample is as statistically valid as one can get of a sampling. A Harvard, Columba education would have enlightened him to this some where along the line. Bu this man continues to malign the truth to those he is sworn before God to serve faithfully. Barack Obama is the embodiment of evil.
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