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The partying will stop when the TV's and sneakers run out from the stores.
I wonder how many t-shirts with graphics of Mao and Che Guevara have entered the park?
When liberals are shunned at the ballot box, they turn to the perversion of our legal system to get what they want.
So Christians have been be-headed, buried alive, raped crucified and murdered for months, and no word from Rip Van Obama. Then within hours, he wakes up to criticize the Ferguson Police for excessive force against an out of control black mob. His behavior revel his heart. He is not an American at heart, he did not grow up as an American he was schooled by Communist grandparents and Marshall Davis. Reverend Wright was his mentor. Is it any wonder he is who he is?
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Mend, Don’t End, the VA

chemurdered Wrote: Aug 12, 2014 7:31 PM
Having used the VA Healthcare system for the past 15 years, I was happy to turn 65 and pay a monthly fee for Medicare. The VA health professionals provide fine care. The bureaucracy that is the VA Health care system is overwhelming, inefficient and incompetent. Poor scheduling, lost medical records, indifferent and often hostile staff have no place in the delivery of medical care. I would have been much better served and pleased with a system similar to Medicare where I chose a subsidized medical plan. Special treatment centers could be established for particular veteran ailments (private centers preferred with VA coordination and information sharing). The money saved and the delivery of health care would all improve IMHO
Movie critics will pan this film. However, if the priest was killed by the victim in a self righteous attempt for reconciliation, the critics would hail this movie.
Duz Dis meanz Iz kin only vote once on lekchun day?
Another example of the moral equivalency from leftists. Moral judgments are not to be made except against, Israel, Christians, gun owners and supporters of life and normal marriage.
Behave Robert, your hero Che Guevara would kill you for less
Immigrants from Europe and Asia have come to America and in large part became integrated into our culture, never demanded to keep their own language, became productive tax paying contributors to our country. Immigrants from the south come here, don't accept our culture, don't want to learn our history, and are parasites on the tax payers. They are considered victims by liberals. The Irish , Italians, Germans, Swedes, Koreans Philippinos etc never demanded anything special. The comparison of our current immigrant from the south to that of our ancestors is far from realistic.
Why is Joe Biden's' stupidity sill news?
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