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The Newtown Massacre and the Pain of God

Cheito Wrote: Dec 17, 2012 6:19 PM
I agree. I think the path especially of the State of Connecticut, which has legalized same sex unions, will have grave consequences for its leaders and the people in that state that have condoned this. It will also have its influence on the children which are being confused by these immoral and ungodly teaching. So it's hypocricy on the part on the leaders of this state to be praying to God when they have rejected His holy spirit. And have have legalized that which God has clearly called sin. Don't expect God to listen to your prayers. You're on your own!

In the aftermath of the Newtown massacre, as family members and friends of the slain and wounded suffer unspeakable agony, people around the world are asking, “Where was God?” But very few are asking, “Is God hurting too?”

According to Basilea Schlink (1904-2001), a German Christian leader who stood up to the Nazis, “Anyone who loves as much as God does, cannot help suffering. And anyone who really loves God will sense that He is suffering.” She found support for this view in the writings of the Japanese Lutheran theologian Kazoh Kitamori in his book “Theology of the Pain of God.”