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I really don't expect anything to come of this massive murdering Liberal tragedy in Benghazi or anywhere else for that matter. The Republican party have become the party of cowardly slugs who didn't, or refused to learn a single lesson from the McCaine campaign when Palin was muzzled from seeking and announcing the truth about the man who would be elected President of the United States of America, (Now known as the UN-United Socialist States of America. ) with a name similar to those we call terrorists who want nothing more than dead citizens around the world who do not subscribe to and live by the stone age middle eastern ways, especially Americans. He had the unfiltered attention at the debates and blew it, blew it, blew it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can't think of one example myself annfan.
Great observation. Europe is crumbling before our eyes, and you say fortunately. I sure hope you have no children. A parent should strive for a better future for their kids. As proven, you are looking for a third world disaster. Good luck with that. I hear Chavez is looking for a few good servants, have a nice trip.
Yup. As long as a liberal is in the drivers seat, lazy society leaches will continue to thrive off the backs of the hard working tax payers.
Exactly ELViking. I am fine myself at this time, but I am also a single dad who wouldn't hesitate to apply for assistance to make sure my kids had food. I will do everything in my power to avoid that need, but I will not feel shameful, but rather grateful to the American people for providing that help when needed.
The racism we see today comes mostly from those who cry racism.
Number 5 is wrong. I agree with most of it, and that it once was thought as embarrassing to use food stamps, but in any society, there will be those who struggle from time to time, and as someone may "feel" shameful, it should not be "considered" shameful unless it's the typical fraud the Dem's made easy.
Ignorance makes us all look bad Chris. Unfortunately, there are those who claim Christian, yet don't really live the life of seeing people as brothers and sisters instead of colors. They judge you while telling you not to judge others.
Neither, it's a mandate.
A light at the end of the tunnel. This ruling may have just sealed Obama's fate as a one term POTUS.
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