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An Overdue Book

Chef M. from WA. Wrote: Nov 28, 2012 8:56 AM
There is plenty of blame to go around, but it's not only the blind that voted for 4 more years based on talking points and the media, rather than personal research, it was also those who ran away crying because their candidate did not win the primary. Therefore, America be damned. They seemed to rather have Obama to ruin this great nation than do whats right for the moment and just get him out. Like Romney or not, we had a better shot of changing the system if we had a different President. Now we are really screwed.
Sorry, have to head out to pay more entitlements for you and your ilk. Happy Thanksgiving.
Hehehehehe. Grow up moron. Go back to the kiddie pool. You are pulling off old headlines to satisfy your blatant ignorance to the realities of today. Facts are a terrible thing to waste. Try looking to the future for a change. The Liberal tactic of looking back to justify current incompetence is really played out.
Holy sh!t, are you serious ? You trolls never cease to amaze with your blatant, blind, sheople mentality. WOW!!! No one with a sensible mind thought for a second this was a spontaneous reaction to a stupid video on Youtube. Again.............WOW!!!
Amen to that brother. You said a ton in a short paragraph.
*by a very large Government.
It may not have amounted to much if anything, but I know many of those who silenced Palin in 2008, had regrets after seeing the outcome. If the GOP doesn't grow a pair soon, we might as well just fold and accept that we are now a Socialist nation dictated to be a very large government, just like the country we fought so hard to gain independence from.
You are correct, however, are we better or worse off today that Romney chose to stay silent on the matter? I understand what you are saying, but my main point was that the silent treatment and "courtesy" shown in 2008 did not work, so why did anyone think it would have worked again? We lost in 2008 for a number of reasons which includes "not wanting to be the bully". It's time to be the bully and take the risk and allow the truth to come out and let the chips fall where they may. Mr. nice guy does not work with Liberals and as we found out, it doesn't work for so called independents either. Romney may have come across as a bully, but just maybe it would have at least brought some curiosity to the surface and had some look further.
Exactly. A yes man's dream is to have his own yes men or women.
I really don't expect anything to come of this massive murdering Liberal tragedy in Benghazi or anywhere else for that matter. The Republican party have become the party of cowardly slugs who didn't, or refused to learn a single lesson from the McCaine campaign when Palin was muzzled from seeking and announcing the truth about the man who would be elected President of the United States of America, (Now known as the UN-United Socialist States of America. ) with a name similar to those we call terrorists who want nothing more than dead citizens around the world who do not subscribe to and live by the stone age middle eastern ways, especially Americans. He had the unfiltered attention at the debates and blew it, blew it, blew it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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