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We Reap What We Sow

cheeriosinmypocket Wrote: Nov 08, 2012 8:30 AM
Good article Mrs. Brown. For those that haven't read other articles as yet today, David3036 is basically copying his words onto each article's comments. It is the indoctrination our children have received for about 45 years through our education system. For those who have not seen through their own experience, the problem continues to grow. For those who have recognized, they are homeschooling and those young voters have well-formed consciences. They do not watch any of those shows mentioned by a concerned American. Because their minds have been awakened by knowing that the study of biology is the study of the soul, they pick up the Great Books to read and discuss (no watching tv if there is one in the house--and never with cable).

So, guess what? I'm disappointed, along with the other 57 million people who voted for Mitt Romney. Even still, disappointment and failure is never an excuse for any of us to give up. From that first big slug in my gut after my husband was killed in 2001 until this day, the one thing that has kept me grounded is my faith in God and the knowledge that things will get better over time.

Mindboggling is the word that comes to mind when I swallow the fact that a majority -- almost 60 million people -- voted to affirm...

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