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Just as Intended, Teachers Strike Hurts Families

chdouglas Wrote: Sep 17, 2012 8:14 PM
Most teachers I work with teach their curriculum, which is given to us by the state dept of education for your state. If there are problems with the curriculum, then fire the people that create the "socialized" curriculum we are told to teach.
The true long-term impact of the Chicago teachers strike may be not be known for some time. But there is no mystery about its impact in the immediate term -- anxiety, panic, and disruption for myriad mothers and fathers left in the lurch when 30,000 members of the Chicago Teachers Union walked away from their classrooms last week just as a new school year was getting underway.

"Parents and guardians frantically sought last-minute child care, pleaded with their bosses for leniency, and hoped that their kids would return to school sooner rather than later," reported the Chicago...