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These were the same folks who told us "if we liked our doctor, we could keep our doctor." Where did the American go that said her mortgage would be paid each month , along with her car payment by the President after this first election?
Source list please...
I lost any possible empathy for the Palestinian people when they were offered everything they wanted and walked away. Their actions speak volumes of their intentions. They remind me of a playground bully who punches a student in the nose, then complains when the student retaliates and breaks his arm.
If this was a writing prompt, then the students had to create an opinion based upon the information given to them in the articles. You cannot blame the kids for some language arts educator's failure in studying history.
Here is his voting record: Please note his lowest score is bipartisan sponsorship of a bill. He play nice with a D.
This is news why? He replaced on liar with another one.
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Obama's Border Crisis Lies

chdouglas Wrote: Jul 10, 2014 5:41 PM
I see the President is still creating another crises to blame the other party for. The government, all three branches, have authorization to build a fence from the last immigration fiasco in the late 80's. Why does the executive and legislative branches refuse to comply with it's own laws?
Ms. Lauper's opinion is one that I will disagree with, however, I will support her first amendment right to say it. I am not sure why singers and actors have to put their two cents into political issues, as it seems that may effect the sales of their product(s) . I know it influences how I spend my dollars.
The question that needs to be asked is whose life? Yours or the unborn child?
That is interesting. Did you expect anything different from a representative of a party whose platform is the killing of the unborn as part of their political agenda?
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