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That is interesting. Did you expect anything different from a representative of a party whose platform is the killing of the unborn as part of their political agenda?
That is a rather interesting comment. Why do you say such things? A hyperlink to disagree with your assessment:
That is interesting. Please read the hyperlinked article.
Interesting that the "leaders" think in these terms. If your labor costs twice as much as it currently does, then 1 of 2 employees in no longer needed to work. Expect more accidents as employees have to work twice as hard to meet demand. Also, the cost of the product will rise due to their "law." I cannot afford to eat out now, and with a price increase like that, I will cook my own hamburgers for a family of four, versus having to pay for a happy meal.
It is interesting that the personality, who can talk an excellent yarn, was elected over someone that had a track record for doing things as a businessman. Elections have consequences, so the next time you sit at home when it is time to vote, look in the mirror.
These policies are the consequences of voting. If you do not like them, make sure you elect someone that is closer to your values in the next election.
Actually, I am glad this American is coming home. There are an awful number of poor decisions that were made in the negotiations, which bear scrutiny, hence the need for the Intelligence committees from the House and Senate to be informed about. I am sure you will say this again when one of these Gitmo 'leaders' launches a terror attack against the US.
"Officials from the State Department, Pentagon and intelligence agencies briefed the lawmakers in an attempt to ease the mounting criticism." According to the bill the President signed, there was to be a 30 notification. According to reports fro Senators from both party's the last time there was a briefing was in 2010-2011. Lawlessness rears it's head once again by this group of people.
Paint a target on every American in that theater of operations. Very sad for our servicemen and women.
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The Meltdown of the Obama Genderhawks

chdouglas Wrote: Apr 09, 2014 2:18 PM
I love the term. Thank you.
Apparently the first amendment does not apply to this "forum" of ideas. If all the people around you agree with each other, then you are just having a pep rally.
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