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I am glad that Dr. Carson pointed out the motivating forces in Ferguson, Missouri. These hustlers fan the emotional flames to develop a lynch mob mentality. The grand jury heard the evidence and made a decision based upon the evidence. There may be disagreement with the jury's verdict, however, it does not give you the right to murder, loot and burn businesses.
Since the good professor, fine lady that she is, decided to exercise her first amendment rights stating that the constitution is "outdated", I shall certainly exercise my first and second amendment rights to say hogwash. Shall we call a constitutional convention to outlaw the very same first amendment right she claims to be valid?
To qoute Gomer Pyle "Surprise, Surprise."
The Post has forgotten the name of our country: The United States of America versus the United non -State of DC.
Portraying the idea that voters are being disenfranchised is a disingenuous assertion. We have voter ID in the SC and anyone who voted, which included people of all colors, cast their vote. She is still following the plan that voters have their voting rights threatened or taken away by the opposing party. Is she as vocal about the ballot machines that voted for another candidate than the one that was selected by the voter?
Now that is interesting. If I recall correctly, when the President won the first election, he told the Republican's in Congress .."I won." Back at ya pal with interest.
My question to any TV reporter is this: "How much did your company make running political ads from both party's during the last election? Do you think he would answer?
This story is a perfect illustration of an amusing irony: Do as I say, not as I do.
Actions speak louder than words. Just curious, how dow she represent Louisiana if she does not have a residence there?
These were the same folks who told us "if we liked our doctor, we could keep our doctor." Where did the American go that said her mortgage would be paid each month , along with her car payment by the President after this first election?
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