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Once again, Obama thinks he do and say what he wants and it won't stick to him. Well Mr. President, it's sticking and the American people know it's sticking. You better get into more Golf because in another few months you'll have to pay for own Golfing. And vacations for that matter, better give a heads up to your wife the moocher.
Folks don't believe the negative press. Obama told us that under his healthcare plan our insurance costs will go down $2,500.00 a year and also our taxes will not go up one dime.
Everytime I think pea brain Obama is the worst politician I ever saw, this crazy lady pops up on TV somewhere.
Why would a Democrat be jumping for joy to go out and vote for Obama?
Obama is a legend in his own mind.....................
Either Obama is that stupid or he thinks the American people are that stupid. For him to tell us his polices worked is a joke. His economic policies make George Bush's economic policies look good and I don't think Bush had a clue dealing with the economy.
Why would anybody vote yes for the SEIU ? Who in their right mind would want to give them their hard earned money so they can spend it as they choose.
Mr. Axelrod....I really don't believe you work with a full deck, I don't think you're retarted but I do believe you have issues. You talk but you don't make any sense.
Obama lie? I can't believe that.
This is what we have to look forward to with another 4 years of Obama. More bully tactics and threats coming from our government.
It is high time the conservatives bring their ideas to college campuses. It's time we fight fire with fire or they will over take us.
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