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When it comes to politics, I don't want to be like Mike.
Keep on track about the economy & obamacare. But also counter attack the negative from Obama with personnal attacks on him. Obama is very thin skinned and this will rattle him. Attack him on his radical associations and name names and what those people stand for. And please begin naming Obama's 32 czars and what these czars have been doing behind our backs without approval from the Senate or Congress. It's time to wake up, because with Obama's record he should be way behind in the polls, why isn't he? Is it because he has so people on wellfare & foodstamps that he has a built in large voting base?
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Reid Keeps Digging

Chasssooo Wrote: Aug 04, 2012 10:03 AM
Harry Reid should keep digging, his grave that is. He walks and talks like a zombie, it's time he rest in peace and leave the rest of us alone.
I don't know, but his Zombie is still walking around. Poor guy, can't die in peace.
Another day another lie from our fearless leader.
When the liberals can't defend something they cry racism. After a while the word racism doesn't mean much. The word now means, here we go again.
Obama can't defend his record and policies, so he cries racism. Nobody ever said the man is a brain surgeon.
The liberals put policies on place to keep the blacks down and they're trying their hardest to do the same to the hispanics and everyone else for that matter and they call the conservatives racists. This is too funny......
Once again, Obama thinks he do and say what he wants and it won't stick to him. Well Mr. President, it's sticking and the American people know it's sticking. You better get into more Golf because in another few months you'll have to pay for own Golfing. And vacations for that matter, better give a heads up to your wife the moocher.
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