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As Predicted Democrats Abandoning Obama

Chasssooo Wrote: May 26, 2012 8:58 AM
The only thing Obama does is find ways to divide us, like attacking the rich. Obama can't talk on real issues because his ideas are socialist ideas which 90% of the people don't want. So he has to find ways to disguise what he really is doing. As more and more Americans realize the job market and business in general will never boom under Obama the more Americans will vote against Obama. He truly is the worse President we ever had, 2008 was one big mistake. Imagine owning the amount of natural resources this country owns, and we have a President who won't develop them to create jobs and bring down costs at the same time.
Linda1538 Wrote: May 26, 2012 9:05 AM
I agree -- at least Clinton came toward the middle when he realized the country wasn't behind him. He is devisive, puts his nose where it doesn't belong (like Trayvon Martin, and the professor who was arrested). He is totally racist and I notice also that he comes out with sympathy for black entertainers who pass away but not white!!! And his wife is also racist. (she made a speech at a university that "we aren't finished" , regarding racial equality. I just hope that he doesn't do something crazy like martial law or start a war just to stay in office. I wouldn't put anything past this egotistical ignorant president.
PecosPete.38 Wrote: May 26, 2012 9:15 AM
Linda.......egotistical? ignorant? You're being kind.

Love is always being able to tell liberals I told you so.

Ok, I don’t know if it’s love exactly, but man it sure does feel good.

A few weeks ago, after West Virginia’s Democrat governor and US Senator both refused to endorse Obama for reelection in 2012, I wrote:

Scores of Democrats running for reelection will defect from Obama before the campaign is done. And scores of Democrat voters will reject him too.

Why? The same reason voters will likely vote to kick Obama out of the White House: self-interest, if not outright self-defense.     

Democrat Governor Earl Ray...

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