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Obama resists pressure to act alone on immigration

Chassoo Wrote: Feb 08, 2014 10:20 AM
I too think the focus right now should be the Keystone Pipeline, the Republicans should take a page out of Obama's book and really take this message to the streets across the whole country. Continue nonstop and tell the people the benefits of the Keystone Pipeline and let the people know who is holding it up this job creation and cheaper energy for the American people. Not to mention this will help us to purchase less oil from people who don't like us. But this won't happen, the GOP is very bad at reaching the people and explaining things.

WASHINGTON (AP) — For a president looking for a legacy piece of legislation, the current state of the immigration debate represents a high-wire act.

President Barack Obama could act alone to slow deportations, and probably doom any chance of a permanent and comprehensive overhaul. Yet if he shows too much patience, the opportunity to fix immigration laws as he wants could well slip away.

As Republican leaders dampen expectations for overhauling immigration laws this year, the White House is hoping that the GOP resistance is temporary and tactical, and Obama is resisting pressure from some political allies to take matters into his own...