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Thanks. I know I was a bit harsh on missionaries in general, and I have really no complaints against the part-timers who come out for just a few weeks or months. In fact, I tend to sympathize with them in ways. And many missionaries live is mud and huts, and I'm not talking about them. But there is a class of missionary, as identified in general by Coulter (with whom I often disagree) who do really live like kings and are very greedy, and very aloof especially to the locals, and very legalistic, and who keep themselves hygienically and socially isolated from the people that they are supposed to be loving as Christ loves them. It makes me angry when a man could say so adamantly that because of this attitude in the missionaries that he would never consider becoming a Christian. And, yes, that conversation really took place.
You know, I've been thinking about it, and I'll give you one last response. These incidents came from two trips. It was in the 1990's in Rwanda and again in Bangladesh. I'm not going to give you any names. I think it's rather pretentious of you to imply that you can follow up of such things or that you would "expose" anything. (Or can you really?) And what would you do with the information anyway? Nothing. And I'm not going to give you the names of friends I have from there, because they're not the people I'm talking about. In fact, they are not even American. Nor by and large Western. Nor by and large white. You'll never find the Bangladeshi driver, or identify the Rwandan locals, so there's no point in giving their names. And I don't believe for a second that even if you had the power and inclination to affect change in the culture at Samaritan's Purse and some of these other mainstream Christian missionary outfits, that you could do it, or that you would even want to do it. You want names? I mentioned a specific incident with Franklin Graham at the UN compound in Rwanda. Call him. Other than that, it appears from what you've said that you don't believe eye-witness accounts, and won't believe anything unless you put your hand in the wounds. And I can't help that.
And you laugh. You believe what you want. But you are ingorant of the facts on the ground.
Evidence? You want evidence? How can I provide evidence? You either believe me or you don't. And you don't. You will never know what you refuse to believe.
I'm glad you didn't ask for a link. How about an eye-witness? Would you believe me?
Dear Ann, You’ll take a lot of heat for this article, but you are more than right in this one. Missionaries in third-world countries often give Christ a terrible name. The Sam’s Purse MDs I know of sell their wire coat-hangers from the dry cleaner which are essentially free to them to impoverished locals for $1 - $2 apiece rather than giving them away; they live in compounds that are princely by local standards; they employ servants at wages that would end a movie star’s career as a child-labor Nazi if they paid the same wage to their workers; and they live insular lives associating with only one another, and rarely associate with locals except as part of a lordly teaching and preaching program. I know of one private driver who said with said with rumbling contempt (a la the reaction Gandhi gave for never becoming a Christian) that he would never become a Christian since working for them and watching and knowing them. And I know an American doctor who was snubbed by Frank Graham during a hand-shake introduction – in the mission field – because she just LOOKED like a local. Everything they do is for pride and glory, and of course to live like a king in a far-off land. Then again Liz Elliott would probably disagree with me, and I’d sit quietly and listen.
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Chas.5 Wrote: Jan 02, 2014 4:12 PM
No, no, no. This is not rare and it is not accidental. My mother choked and was found unresponsive and taken to the ER. She was put on a ventilator and admitted. For two days everyone said she was "brain dead". I was skeptical and insisted on a review of the tests, and the well-meaning euthanasists reviewed and explained them to me, and all swore to me, in love and with all professional dignity that her brain waves definitely shown she was brain dead and that she was not initiatiing any breaths on the ventialtor. Though I had seen respirations at fourteen and sixteen on the vent, they swore I was wrong, that she wasn't even breathing and that she would be dead within 5 minutes -- ten to be certain -- after taking out the breathing tube. She was breathing, she didn't die and was placed in a longer-term facility, because the hospital didn't want ot keep her. There I believed she was verbally responsive (if extremely garbled). The end was bad because of decisions by the person holding the medical power-of-attorney. But the hospital lied to us point blank that my mother was brain dead and unable to live without a ventilator. I think the hospital just didn't want the financial risk of providing extensive care to a very ill patient with questionable insurance resources. Otherwise I have no idea why the professionals were so willfully wrong in their assessments.
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