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Who Shut Down the Government?

charmscool Wrote: Oct 04, 2013 10:40 AM
'Bout to offend those who need to hear the truth the most but, oh well, here goes. ALL UNDERINFORMED, UNDERINITIATED, UNDEREDUCATED WHO'VE NOT BENEFITTED FROM A 'FAPE' ('FREE APPROPRIATE PUBLIC EDUCATION') NEED TO LISTEN UP (includes the liar-of-liars, a complicit media, et al.)!! IF YOU NEVER READ ANTHING ELSE, READ (and hopefully understand) THIS SIMPLE LESSON OF HISTORY BY A GREAT TEACHER, DR. THOMAS SOWELL: NOW, (you should) KNOW THE TRUTH; OWN IT... SHARE IT!! :/
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America's Sociopath Fetish

charmscool Wrote: Jul 12, 2013 9:52 AM
WOW! Other than "WOW!", I'm speechless... the distant sound of hoof beats...
Ooh, I like your thought process here!
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Random Thoughts

charmscool Wrote: Jun 25, 2013 3:50 PM
Mr. Sowell, in my humble opinion, is the most articulate intellect Townhall Daily has, which probably explains why his articles appear at the top of the column of authors. So many good thoughts here to be shared, especially those that are so accurate, like these: "President Obama's denial of knowledge about the various scandals in his administration that are starting to come to light suggests that his titles should now include Innocent-Bystander-in-Chief." "I may be among the few people who want Attorney General Eric Holder to keep his job -- at least until the 2014 elections. Holder epitomizes what is wrong with the Obama administration. He is essentially Barack Obama without the charm, so it should be easier for the voters to see through his lies and corruption." Sadly, politicians can't rise to his level of competence and his ability to articulate common sense ideas.
Ann, you are my heroine - I couldn't agree more with your views in the article; however, please tell me you were joking about taking a shower every two months like your "French friends"!
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Cultural Deviancy, Not Guns

charmscool Wrote: Feb 13, 2013 1:12 PM
Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell and Ben Carson are men of honor, distinction and achievement; thank God for these rational and thoughtful men everyone should seek to emulate.
Excellent article, though a little confusing at the end; not too sure of the connection between the quote by Yamamoto and the "Time and the reaction of patriots" regarding the 2nd amendment.
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