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The Age of the Narcissistic Male

Charlotte239 Wrote: Aug 10, 2012 11:34 AM
Please learn the correct wording in the First Amendment. It is NOT freedom FROM religion, but freedom OF religion. What it means is that government may NOT establish a STATE religion that everybody has to join as was done by Henry the 8th of England when he created the Church of England when the Pope refused to annul one of his marriages.
Jay Wye Wrote: Aug 10, 2012 8:35 PM
the wording is "make no establishment of religion",not "make no establishment of A religion".
there's a huge difference in meaning.
Sex is always interesting, but mix it with politics in a presidential campaign and it becomes downright sensational. First Amendment guarantees of free speech get lost in the protest when gay couples meet to make out at Chick-fil-A. Instead of ordering the spicy chicken sandwich, these men and men and women and women spice up their relationship with rage against Dan Cathy, the born-again president of Chick-fil-A, for saying he supports "the biblical definition of the family unit."

The focus on the controversy is silly, but in our media-saturated world, it's the way things play out, with lots of...