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of course we dont want to talk about the fact that medicare and social security ARE NOT ENTITLEMENT programs because we PAID FOR THEM. or the fact that the sorry useless politicians STOLE ALL THE TRUST FUNDS, THAT IF THEY HAD BEEN INVESTED AS THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO BE DURING THE TIME OF OUR GREAT PROSPERITY, NOW PASSED, would be sufficient to meet the obligation . no, the only problem we have in this country and it has led to ALL of our problems is PROFESSIONAL LIFETIME SCUMBAG POLITICIANS, instead of patriots taking their turns to serve their country. DC needs to be cleansed by removing ALL of them, placing term limits, NO PERSON ALLOWED TO SERVE IN ANY ELECTIVE OFFICES (cumulative) IN THEIR LIFETIME FOR MORE THAN 8 YEARS. a new election with no one that has served more than 6 yrs in the past to be allowed . Remove -retroactively (they do it to us) remove all pensions and benefits for past congressmen and senators. (remember they took it we did not authorize it) the salary for each senator and congressman to be the average US wage ,plus 10%, which shall be calculated each year based on latest available figures. Social security benefits no other retirement. and an allowance for office needs to be determined. ALL welfare porgrams eliminated. All rioters and thieves shot on the spot. In order to do this, all MUS SLIMES AND OTHERS THAT ARE SWORN TO DESTROY US TO BE REMOVED FROM OUR BORDERS AT ONCE, and treated as what thy are, terrorists. NO NEW LAWS PASSED UNTIL ALL EXISTING LAWS HAVE BEEN REVIEWED AND CHANGED, DELETED OR AFFIRMED AS NECESSARY. all LAWS ON THE BOOKS ARE TO BE ENFORCED FULLY-NO EXCEPTIONS. ALL politicians that are guilty of breaking the law immediately charged and arrested. Quick trials by citizen juries and maximum penalties given, no leeway, maximums only. ALL found guilty of treason to be publicly executed within 30 days of conviction. This is of course is not all but would be a good start-- too bad it wont be done, the scumbag politicians and their freebee recipients will not allow it. UNLESS we have some patriots left in the military that have the cajones to do their jobs and save our country
now the parents should gather all the korans and literature given the kids and have a public burning in protest.
yes true you are an idiot adolph barry deserves the same end as the other adolph before he puts us through what his older brother did to Germany
dis respect is all that mus-slime marxist is worthy of. He is a cancer in our country. eating away at our Constitution. Its time for him to be in jail while he is tried, convicted and then a nice big public party for his execution for being a traitor to our country.
joe she and you and and with-holder and odumbo and all the rest of the odumbo minions should be in jail or before the firing squad.
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