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This truly has to be one of the great contradictions of life.
My mother used to be a member of NOW. She left over some issue years ago, and has now passed away. She probably join again now, just so she could quit again.
All this assumes the presidents goal is improving things for most people, something he certainly is not doing. But if you understand his real goal ("Dreams From My Fathers", he is against the colonial powers) to damage, punish or destroy the U.S., he is competent and successful at doing that.
If you thought that Obama was just wrong or incompetent in the way he runs the country, you have it backwards. He knows exactly what he is doing, and has been very successful at it - ruining the country, that is. Read his book, "Dreams From My Father". His father hated the old colonial powers and wanted to do them in. Now he (Obama) is taking his shot at the U.S. for his father. If you realize that is his goal, you understand how competent he really is.
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The Big Lesson of D-Day

charlieham42 Wrote: Jun 09, 2014 12:42 PM
My dad did not join the military in WWII but became a college professor. I was born during the war, and never thought about his not joining. Until, that is, one day when I told him I was joining the AFROTC in college, and would enter the Air Force. He briefly told me that he has tried to join, but was classified 4F because of his hearing. We never spoke of it again, but in retrospect, he was sorry, even embarrassed or ashamed that he could not serve. That so many people had that attitude then, not so many now, is another indication of the moral corrosion of this country. Neal, you are correct about our "leaders", they are not at all the label they take for themselves.
I love that term, "caucasophobic zealot". I always thought such people as either jealous or the product of victimology brain washing, or both. Certainly the victimology of many black leaders is a bit part in this. In practice, the use of the term "privilege" by these lefty people means a person who works hard, get an education applicable to his capability and goals, and then becomes successful based on those foundations - i.e., a successful person.
Not much of a manager, if he does not know what is going on!
He has to "fully investigate" every scandal, but never comes up with any results that are believable.
There are lots of other places to eat. I just won't go to Chipotle any more.
Earl, I think you have that backwards. Those are the guys who would vote against the minimum wage (probably at any level); the ones who would vote for the minimum wage are the other side, the liberal Democrats.
Apparently you are right, there does not to seem to be a totally honest statement from them.
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