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Why Obama's Majority Can't Govern

charlieham42 Wrote: Sep 05, 2014 1:26 PM
Well said! He can talk the talk, but can not walk the walk.
Sorry, nine years old.
We will not be able to regulate to eliminate idiocy. What we need is not new regulations, but some common sense. A six-year-old is not strong enough to handle a fully automatic rifle. And in any case, why? To fill some parent's ego? And what sensible person, qualified gun instructor not withstanding, would not only allow but assist in this action? And a full clip? When I first fired a fully automatic gun I was a adult, but still my instructor limited the clip to 10 rounds the first time. Idiocy!
This has got to be the most egregious example of distorted logic that I have ever come across. She can not have considered what she was really saying.
Vermont's neighbor, New Hampshire, has a motto "Live Free or Die". How different it must be in Vermont, where they willingly give up their freedoms, and then rejoice that they have done so!
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Blacks Must Confront Reality

charlieham42 Wrote: Aug 27, 2014 12:29 PM
Exactly! Jackson and Sharpton are a big part of the problem. One of the other parts is the low information crowd. They only hear the slogans via the MSM, they do no reading of opposing views, and no analysis for themselves. They have been taught they are victims and have no power over their own lives, that it is always someone else's fault. Jackson and Sharpton and their followers feed this attitude for their own financial benefit.
No democracy will long exist as a democracy without the press willing and able to search for and publish the truth.
The TEA PARTY should only have run one candidate. They split the anti-establishment vote too much to have a chance.
As Richard 1311 said, "The Republicans may take the Senate, and nothing will get better." The politicians are in this for themselves, their own power, status and financial betterment. It is interesting how they buy our vote with our own money. They may be altruistic when they first get elected, but power corrupts, and, well you know the rest.
Who is "they" in your comment referring to? the media, or "We the People", or someone else?
jerry2 wrote "Our president intends to destroy the American economy." I have suspected that is his goal ever since I read "Dreams of My Fathers". Clearly, Obama does not think the US should be a global power, and he is very effectively destroying our society and economy. The damage he will have done in eight years will be difficult from which to recover. And we are teaching ourselves to be dependent on the government, giving them more and more power over us, and different departments of the government will start trying to get more power for themselves (IRS, TSA, EPA???). Then "We the people" will have lost.
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