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The Open-Borders Reporters Who Banned "Illegal Immigrant"

CHARLIE FEATHER Wrote: Apr 04, 2013 4:48 AM
I liked Jay Leno's take: Illegal immigrants will now be known as "undocumented Democrats."
loadstar Wrote: Apr 04, 2013 5:47 AM
I am tired of hearing the silly drivel about those SUPPOSED "conservative social values" of ILLEGAL alien, poor, ignorant, Catholic Hispanics--

Like "machismo" rape? Like gang bangers? Like 70% illegitimacy's? Like uninsured drunken driving homicides? Like barrio blight? Like dropouts? Like bankrupting hospitals for that "free" H/C? Like waving the Mexican flag and calling for the Reconquista? Like demanding everything be in Espanol-- press 2 for Ingles?

Si Senor, lots of future Republicans there!
File this in the overflowing cabinet labeled: No Wonder the Mainstream Media Is Dying. On Tuesday, the Associated Press announced that it is banishing the phrase "illegal immigrant" from its famous stylebook. The world's largest newsgathering outlet now advises reporters that "illegal" will "only refer to an action, not a person."

AP directs writers not to use the terms "illegal alien, an illegal, illegals or undocumented" anymore, except "in direct quotations." It won't be long before illegal border crossers, illegal visa overstayers, illegal deportation evaders, document fraudsters and illegal alien traffickers are all referred to as "our fellow Americans." Without the quotations....