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Flashback Video: Obama Rips Bush, Congratulates Himself on Civil Liberties

Charlie80 Wrote: Mar 07, 2013 12:00 PM
That is because he is afraid that because of the "................." he has done and had a hand in and allowed and facilitated, he is scared to death that someone will cap his dumba s s......... How do you just "make that law"? I didn't approve of it, did any of you?
MacQ - Texas Wrote: Mar 07, 2013 1:17 PM
But it would be blamed on right wingers, and a republican would play H ever getting elected in the face of all that pray nothing like that ever happens.

Last night, Sen. Rand Paul repeatedly stated that two courses of action could have put an end to his filibuster over the administration's drone policies.  First, the White House could have released a simple, unambiguous statement making clear that the hypothetical practice of the federal government using drone strikes to kill non-combatant US citizens on US soil is unconstitutional.  Second, the Senate could vote on a non-binding "sense of the Senate" resolution making that point.  The White House's response, hour after hour?  Radio silence.  Senate Democrats -- who do the president's bidding -- blocked a vote on the resolution.  So the filibuster...