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3 Insane Laws Just Signed in California

Charlie80 Wrote: Oct 11, 2013 8:12 AM
This is why California will go teats up in the next 3 years and that idiot Soetoro will want to use the rest of the country's money to bail them out.
B/S(ullivan) - bless your heart, you are an idiot. BarryCare doesn't cover idiocy.
TraitorB - the Dems will NEVER admit to the fact that lowering taxes increases revenue.
ATB has an excellent point here, but I don't think Harry is that smart. Guess we'll know soon enough!
Barry, you're an idiot.
Winnie, you're an idiot.
Soetoro, I watched the "memorial service" yesterday afternoon - YOU and that scandal riddled DC Mayor chose to make this about YOU and MORE GUN CONTROL. For "the smartest President ever" you are a complete moron. You rattled off FIVE "mass shootings" since you have been President (aaaah, did your predecessor have any mass shootings? Bubba Clinton did - GW, no) ALL of the shooters you paraded out for MORE GUN CONTROL were LUNATICS, yet we can't get mental health tags on a background check? You are stupid. You re-upped the ban on guns on military bases (and yes, I know B1 first enacted that, but you can't blame him because YOU kept it going) - again, you are stupid. You seldom, if ever, mention Chicago - there was a MASS SHOOTING IN CHICAGO JUST A FEW DAYS AGO - THE SAME NUMBER OF PEOPLE DIED, INCLUDING A 3 YEAR OLD, THAT DIED AT THE NAVY YARD - Chicago has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country, and the FBI has just crowned the town "Murder Capital of the United States" - again, YOU ARE STUPID. The police chief/commissioner/CZAR/whatever in Chicago is as STUPID AS YOU ARE - he thinks, that if we ban EVERYONE in the United States from owning guns, no one will ever get shot in Chicago again! You are both too stupid to accurately describe here. And then we have this punk, Mayor Gray. Scandal riddled POS lecturing the rest of the country about guns, when DC has strict strict strict gun laws, the Navy Yard is a GUN FREE ZONE........and what does he do? Right out of the Barry Soetoro playbook, HE BLAMES VIRGINIA!!! If Virginia didn't sell that gun, everyone would still be alive. It is all Virginia's fault! (sound familiar? Barry? Bush? anyone connecting these dots?) What IS it about the DC mayor position that produces punks, drug addicts, and scandals galore? Anyone? Marion Barry, Vinny Gray? This TURD has the nerve to lecture us? Go sit in the corner, punk.
Soetoro is an idiot.
The grinning gal in the brown shirt is making a finger play for one of them!
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Obama, Spiked for His Own Good?

Charlie80 Wrote: Sep 18, 2013 5:28 AM
Barry was, and continues to be, an unqualified punk.
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