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Pride and Perjury

Charlie80 Wrote: Sep 25, 2014 4:56 AM
Loved the first four parts - can't wait for the next!!
John, bless your heart, you are an idiot.
I thought appropriate punishment for witches was being burned at the stake......
C7 - you're an idiot, sport.
Bless your heart mshandy, you are dumber than a box of rocks.......
Bessin - Bassin, Bessin, the besssssitch doesn't have a clue
Sounds like beeeeotch Bassin should be going to jail...........
Yet another reason we can never allow Gov Christie in the White House except as a visitor. Chris, sorry sport, unless you get behind the 2nd 100% you will never, ever be POTUS
Dr Pitcher, here in the Ozark Mountains we refer to folks like you as EDUCATED IDIOTS. I feel so sorry for you.
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The Atomic Bomb: It Was Always Right

Charlie80 Wrote: Aug 02, 2014 3:52 AM
Excellent column Larry. One also has to wonder just how many more lives lives would have been lost in little and large skirmishes around the globe that never happened because of that nuclear deterent? How many little thug dictators and despots stayed in their own backyard because those two bombs went off? Because we dropped them, we'll never know, because people were encouraged to play nice! Now we have some floppy eared noodle backboned idiot at the helm, the Middle East is tossing bombs all over the map at each other, that little fat kid with the funny hair cut is shooting weapons grade fireworks off his end of the peninsula almost weekly, and Russia has blatantedly violated the 87 Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty..............because everyone knows we are no longer a threat. Not good
November 2016 - what is the hold up? Stop dragging your feet and get your butt here post haste. I am worried about my country having to endure 30 more months of the Idiot-In-Chief.
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