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I'd hit it, too - with an ugly stick. But, that is kind of cruel, since she has obviously already been severely beaten with the ugly stick..........
Nancy - honey, you are a lying (c)unt for the Soetoro administration - you KNOW there is a problem, and that is why you are posting (s)hit like that - you are one of the saddest excuses for representation of the people out there - Harry Reid trumps you there, but you are a close second, (b)itch
Ouch!! Sally! Facts like this?!?!? They don't want to hear this! Let them know what you think! We don't watch HGTV for gay issues - sure they have gay hosts, they have gay couples on their shows - NEWS FLASH - we don't care, we are watching for renovation ideas, inspiration, and motivation - we do not give a rats patoot whether they are gay or not - straight folks are just fine, too - HGTV, eliminate them at your own peril.........
Wow, sorry, if you are not a citizen, you can't vote!!
Good job, (d)ouchebag, you have just sealed your fate and your party's fate in the November elections. The vote against you will be SOOO huge that even your election fraud will not be able to carry the vote. Harry, you are a P.O.S. - you will burn in Hell, sport...........
It continues to amaze me that people like Eddie Murray are that F#CKING STUPID... Ed, you go boy - drive business OUT of Seattle! You don't need that tax money, you can just increase taxes on the people and the businesses that are stupid enough to stay!
Jay, what you are is THE LYINGEST WEASEL you like being Barry's punk? It makes you look stupid, it has made you a LIAR, it has made you a joke. Of course, your boss has made sure that you will live a secure life with a steady well undeserved income for the rest of your life after he goes down in flames. Jay - did you grow up wanting to be someone's punk? You are NOT a good liar, sport - not good at all
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Life Under the Obama Doctrine

Charlie80 Wrote: May 03, 2014 10:10 AM
Have to echo SageAdvice2014 here - this puke can't organize a community, you think he's got world chops? Aaaah, no. Soetoro, you are a punk and a dismal failure. History will remember you as the punk that made Jimmy Carter look like a rocket scientist!
That idiot Garry Trudeau used to portray GW as a feather - sport, what do you have LIGHTER than a feather for Boy Barry? No backbone, No balls, and NO CLUE W T F to do now........ Soetoro, you are a punk of the highest order. History will remember you as the P.O.S. that made Jimmy Carter look like a frickin' rocket scientist......
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Is Our Commander, Covert Or Criminal?

Charlie80 Wrote: Feb 16, 2014 5:12 AM
AGUW - that the F#@K does that have to do with this? Barry won't even let our Border Patrol use loaded weapons. S T F U and come back when you have something.
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