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The grinning gal in the brown shirt is making a finger play for one of them!
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Obama, Spiked for His Own Good?

Charlie80 Wrote: Sep 18, 2013 5:28 AM
Barry was, and continues to be, an unqualified punk.
Global warming!!! No, wait, "Climate Change!" No, wait, it doesn't matter, just give us money because we are raising awareness.......... You are actually raising awareness to the fact that you all, and your US complicit charlatan Al Gore are a bunch of snake oil salesmen. Some of us have known all along. I am in the trucking business, and emissions are forefront on our minds all the time. We are dealing with EPA mandated requirements that are a moving target and unrealistic. Our engine suppliers are fighting a ghost that keeps vaporizing and appearing over here, and then over there. Subsequently our emissions related mechanical issues are costing us a fortune. Add to that this administration's ridiculous energy policies, and we are struggling. We HAVE to raise our rates to stay in business. That gets passed on to the consumer through our customers. To paraphrase Dennis Miller, "It's the circle of life, Simba....." "It doesn't matter if it is right or not....."??? What's next? BarryCare - "It doesn't matter if you need a transplant or not, the "studies" for your age group show you don't....." Stay tuned, it will get worse.
Barry Boy - careful about over stepping your bounds here. You, punk, are entering impeachment territory.
Over seventy armed agencies? In New York City? In New York State? In the US? Com'on liberal, don't throw that out there without more information.
You were a punk and you deserved to be arrested. You're in the street (against the law), they wanted to "walk in a circle in the intersection" (against the law), hoodies? backpacks? a punk wearing a crescent moon/star t-shirt? you are clearly stupid to question this profiling. they should have arrested the puke with the Che shirt on. Do you have a job? Just what is it that you do to contribute to society? Wait, let me guess, you are a STUDENT!! You've never worked a day in your life. You've never paid dime one in taxes, and you believe the "rich" people should just give you some money!! Reality is going to slap you senseless one of these days - consider your little punk arrest barely a blink compared to the eye opener you are going to get. To quote the Duke, "Life is HARD, it is even HARDER when you are stupid" You are going to have a harder life.
Hillary, you AND your boss are both LYING (B)ITCHES.............. And you have the nerve to think you can be the President of my country? Not a snowball's chance in Hell.
Our Dream Ticket!! ("our" being conservatives!)
RR, because they are CNN...........
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Green Acres 94103

Charlie80 Wrote: Sep 15, 2013 12:58 PM
They need to be out of the farming business. I'm in the trucking business. The government doesn't pay me squat when fuel costs are STUPID because of government intervention in our energy policies. The government doesn't pay me squat when there are too many trucks to haul too few products because of government regulations on business. The government doesn't pay me a dime back when my trucks have to run on sub-par roads because they diverted fuel/road use tax to SOLAR PROJECTS. My father's family were farmers. My mother's Dad had a huge farm in Nebraska. My uncle had thousands of acres connected to my grandfather's land. There were no government subsidies back then. They knew they had to make it work, or go belly up. And they made it work. OV68, you don't know sh t from apple butter about farming, or trucking. If you are smart, "over-riding factors" are factored in for the worst case scenario. You are either smart about your business, or not. No subsidies. Not for farms. Not for trucks. Not for ANYONE. Those pukes in Washington need to get out and stay out of anything that isn't outlined in the Constitution. Yeah, I am wadded up. You have no idea.
Frank, it's about Rion, not Simon. Please try to refrain from being an idiot.
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