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SadlyJohn, the morons running the Zoo will never make the hypocrisy connection!
Bless your heart, AxmUrderer, you are an idiot.
Willie - you're an idiot. Off topic and the Moron-In-Chief hasn't done anything with Cuba except stick his toes in to test the water. Are you really that stupid?
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The Worst Liberal Lies Of 2014

Charlie80 Wrote: 10 hours ago (3:02 AM)
Neil99 - bless your liberal little heart, you're an idiot.
SarahL - you are a stupid krunt - what is Soros paying you?
HE WAS A MUSLIM - we have to be soooooooo frickin careful here not to upset anyone's sensibilities!
AxmUrderer - bless your heart, you're an idiot.
I hope the government of Peru can sue them, jail them, or both - for lots of money and a long time.............
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It’s Time To Kill The ‘Lame Duck’

Charlie80 Wrote: Dec 14, 2014 5:58 AM
Excellent idea. Pretty sure we haven't seen the end of this group of ducks' spiteful bovine fertilizer yet!!
I love this idea - I think it should be used to put knots all over Harry's punkin head.........
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