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How she can look at someone so stupid and see someone "that" smart defies all logic. We need SCIENCE to check her out.........
WDS - that is hilarious!
Aaaaah, Chet, blissfully ignorant, you may be the lucky one here! Excellent observations Kurt, and spot on, too!
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Max Allen: Chief Divisiveness Officer

Charlie80 Wrote: 18 hours ago (5:04 AM)
Excellent column, and congratulations on the verdict! That has to have some diversified knickers in a twist!
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DWS: Dems Will Hold the Senate

Charlie80 Wrote: 23 hours ago (12:11 AM)
She is not correct, she is an idiot though. I am GLAD she made this prediction - it will be sweeeeeet watching her spin the epic loss. Debbie, you are a joke.
The Moron-In-Chief is setting himself up for impeachment with this plan.........
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ObamaCare for Dummies

Charlie80 Wrote: Oct 11, 2014 5:49 AM
AliveInHim hit the mark square on the ACA red X - yea, good for them, a tiny number of people got SUBSIDIZED healthcare. I actually got to keep my plan that I have through my employer - it costs me FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS MORE A MONTH - $6000 a year for the same coverage. Thanks BarryCare, you suck.
Paraphrasing Dan Akroyd here, "Gwyneth, you ignorant s l u t........."
Bless your heart Ben - just because you are famous, it doesn't mean you are smart. You are what we call here in Flyover America a "famous idiot". Shut up and act.
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The White House Dogs

Charlie80 Wrote: Oct 10, 2014 4:46 AM
Excellent observation, confirms what we already know - the fish stinks from the head down
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