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Jimmy Fallon, Democrat Political Asset

Charlie35 Wrote: Feb 21, 2014 11:28 AM
Fallon will be on is knees doing what most liberal media types do, suck up. Hope he can swallow the whole load as it may gag him. Lets not forget the German movie "Mephisto" when after the main character turned in all his nice Jewish and anti Nazi co workers exclaimed at the end of the movie "What do you want from me, I'm just an actor!" And all the nice Nazi's laughed and replied "Everything". Jimmy boy, get ready to give it all.
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The Lesson of Dunkirk

Charlie35 Wrote: Feb 21, 2014 11:20 AM
A siege seems like a waste of time since you just sit there and wait for your opponent to give up. The Republicans are not Grant who waited out Vicksburg. If they shut the government down, and hold the line the Democrats will eventually give up since they need a spending open government to push their policies. The best way to fight is to stand on principle and say things that are true. The ATF, EPA and IRS are out of control and you intend to reform them. Pass the law in the house that makes true reform us commoners will support and dig in. The US will be bankrupt one way or another we might as well get it over now. When the cronies of government get weened then we will get our freedom back. That is the crux of the matter, to many Republicans are bought and paid for. Would Grant have won at Vicksburg if he was beholden to the Confederates along with 2/3's of his Army? Time to get rid of the RINO's and get true Constitution believing freedom loving Americans in power.
Senator Ed Markey should mandate that to lead the way all police, security and justice officials in the United States Government as well as any state agency that accepts federal money have to use this technology disposing of all their old firearms. If it is good enough for the citizen then let it be good enough for the officials. Yeah right, the first law enforcemet official killed because his or her "smart" gun failed to fire should require all lawmakers who vote for this to be instantly tried for accessory to murder.
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The Obama-Clinton-Kerry Legacy

Charlie35 Wrote: Feb 20, 2014 3:40 PM
Nice thing to know is the Joint Chiefs will be able to get our daughters killed along with our sons following this dolt! God, how can any officer in the US military follow these fools. But, like most politicians, they care more about their perks, pensions and pay than right and wrong. "God Damn you, God damn you all to hell" Charlton Heston said in the Planet of the Apes. That is what I say now.
The ATF exists as a political hit squad to harass law abiding citizens. They are corrupt, have always been corrupt and will continue be corrupt. Waco, Ruby Ridge, Fast and Furious etc etc. Yet, Congress has no stomach to do away with them, why? I bet they love the tough guy push around people approach this bunch of thugs likes to use. Maybe a bunch of liberal congressmen and women like the fact they will willingly kill fellow Americans in carrying out their misguided laws.
Cuomo is like so many, if only we would educate people life would work out for them. Ask all the college grads who can't get a job now. At least they get a increase in the minimum wage. Liberals are all alike, they got theirs and other people can pay to give the disadvantaged a leg up. They will never crack their wallet.
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Totalitarians and TEKEs

Charlie35 Wrote: Feb 11, 2014 5:23 PM
This ends when the stupid stop sending their money and kids to these dirt bags. When they are out of business then let them go forth and try and earn a living. I would spit in the face of such scum. I went through the University of Colorado back in the early 90's and saw the addition of two more classes unrelated to Engineering. The administration said it was to widen my education. No, they were BS women's studies and such courses. Had to take em, so got to pay to be berated as a man. Screw the liberal bast!#ds. All they want is your money and could give a damn if you have a useful education. They think they are some aristocratic creed but are petty scoundrels who need a good thrashing.
Soon they will have what they want, total control over your life. Don't like what you do, go die. Vote for them and let them live like kings then love you. Read "Animal Farm", all animals are equal, only some are more equal than others. Great God, we are living animal farm, are you a horse or a mule. The sheep are pretty obvious, they are the main stream media.
That is the crux of the matter, when the local officials can't get their guns for the police then maybe but no of course Uncle Sam will give them some machine guns. The local police sit there and cry they don't support this but when push comes to shove they can't wait to use their new toys against the citizens! Look at all the nice SWAT raids against people regardless of threat. Geez, and we say we are free and not a police state. Most law enforcement are two faced scum who want their pensions, pay and perks and screw the people they profess to protect and defend. Most would love to put a bullet in the back of your head if they could. Soon, they will be given the green light. We will see what they are made of then.
I just can't wait for the door to door searches. Most folks will just give them and cower in the corner. Of course the scum bags won't go in person, they have the lackeys in law enforcement who worry more about their pay, perks and pensions than your rights. I like the one cop selling stuff on the internet saying he doesn't care about the SAFE Act since he is active law enforcement and it does not affect him. You think these cops are your friend. They would take everything including your life if they were told to. Some don't even need that. Only way they worry is if they know each door resides an angry person willing to pull the trigger. Last time that occurred was 1776. You folks have long ago lost the will to be free, bend over and feel the new form of freedom that now exists. That is the freedom of the government to do whatever it wants to you.
People will care when we are like all the other countries, we just disappear or have to be committed for insanity. Yes, there are very nice ways to deal with those who disagree. Wait til the IRS just puts a nice sign saying "Confiscated for failure to pay taxes" locks up all assets then says "hey, seek legal recourse in our kangaroo court system". Nice system, we think we are a country of laws. Those laws are the weapons of the despotic who have the will accomplices in the agencies to use those tools against those who speak out. Time to get serious folks, because the traitors to the Constitution and freedom are deadly serious.
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