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Government protects itself. The voters keep sending the same people back who made the mess expecting them to fix it. Teddy Kennedy started the process with immigration reform in 1964 and also HMO's back then. Each succession of laws and lawmakers make things worse and then they cry, "send me back I'll fix it this time". Well lets see, they sure have fixed it. Health care, education, immigration and military cronyism have all been fixed eh! I will fight yes, but even John Gault recognized that the best thing to do is leave and let those who remain and created the mess deal with it. Like the Romans, our society will fail and collapse then break up. When necessity dictates that the old is discarded usually it is not compassionate nor gently. With the nice jack boot on their necks, most of the lazy and liberal will learn a hard lesson, governments are not very nice. Maybe their children will learn because the current generation is surely lost.
He's a Dem and will get every one of their votes. Heck, he could eat a baby in front of them and they would still vote for the man because he gives me free stuff they say. Well, when it all crashes down, what will you eat then. My hope is you will all crawl off and die leaving this planet better off. I'm sick of so many of my fellow countrymen with their hands out on their knees hoping that some scrap will land in their palms. Sorry America, we deserve neither freedom nor security!
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Layoffs Prove the Deceit of Amnesty

Charlie35 Wrote: Jul 22, 2014 3:21 PM
Obviously most Americans don't care because they keep electing the same people who brought us and continue to bring us these results. Atlas will shrug folks and then all the folks who thought things would never change will wake up to.......CHANGE. They will find it is not the hope and change they voted for, only change. Hope will be restored when the ticks are pulled off of the dog. Or sadly when the dog dies.
Well now the LGBT community will open their wallets and give more because wow they are going to get the acceptance they so much desire. Why heck, we should all be gay according to them. Bunch of hypocrites, to cry they want equal rights but really want to be held high above all of us unenlightened. Gotta laugh though, wait til the other untouchable group, Muslims show the LGBT community what they do to folks like them. This will not be so great and without the benevolent Christians to protect them hope they own guns.
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Where's That Inflation I Was Promised?

Charlie35 Wrote: Jul 17, 2014 12:02 PM
Since large numbers of people are on the dole there is a fixed spending going on with transfer payments. Since inflation is simply to much money chasing too few goods does not hold. If you look at the labor participation rate and the purchasing power of the individual household you can see that for the vast majority of consumers are subsistance spending. This can't change since credit is very difficult to achieve for many folks. Housing has not recovered for the majority of counties so there is no equity to dip into. So, as they print money all it does is inflate bank stock and such. The stock market is in a bubble because people what a return on their investment. Show me where the value of the stock can be justified on sales or market expansion. So, going back to the 1930's, we are sitting in a sense on the edge of a deflationary spiral as people cannot afford to buy luxury items or extras to spur additional growth. Show me where businesses are investing in the USA to expand production. It really will be called stagnation and will not change until money is put into production not bank accounts.
I live out in Oregon where a Democrate will win even if caught killing puppies and children. What mindless lock step robots, typical Democrat voter. I am disgusted with the Republicans since they are spineless and usually support the very policies destroying this country. As a registered Republican all I can say is screw them. Oh but if the Democrats win it will be really bad they cry to me. I simply reply, in the last 20 years, name me one thing the Republicans did differently than the Democrats. Not one thing. The Dems run circles around them in the House and Senate and frankly I figure why support the losers. If the majority of the people what to flush the US down the toilet my support of spineless politicians will not prevent that. If it crashes now I will be young enough to recover. 10-15 more years I will not.
The deficit and debt are phony numbers. They cook the books so much that we the people have no idea what we are on the hook for. Governments always do this because it gets them votes and allows the soaking of whatever group the people agree needs to be fleeced. Funny thing, the people get it (shafted) regardless what politicians promise. To bad we never learn.....
Dream on, there will be no difference who runs the Senate since all but a handful are CORRUPT! Fire all of them and start over. Pass the Liberty Amendments now and lets start the hard work of cutting out the deadwood in DC. That should be about all of them by my book.
The elite seem to think that things will not change with massive poor immagration into the country. They fail to realize that they may not be the annonted ones when the realignmet takes place. Does the term useful idiots come to mind.
Roberts will protect the law and "change" whatever to uphold it. Obama must really have something on him for sure. The 4 liberals would uphold anything the feds do includint rounding up any and all people they feel are a threat. Heck, they probably would agree to torture as well. This is what happens when Ideology trumps all other things. All they need to do is twist the language to fit the need. Up is now down etc etc. George Orwell was right and we are going to live the lesson. Nice to live under tryanny eh!
I doubt 95% of Republicans disagree with ol Barry. The most gutless wonders always have an excuse.....Next election, 1/2 or 1/3 blah blah blah. There really is only one recourse since the courts are as corrupt as the rest is simply to refuse to fund the government. Barry can cry about the 14th Amendment giving him authority to spend money but don't raise the debt ceiling or pass any funding bills and shut it all down. Make Barry chose who will get the shaft and see how long it takes before enough people get angry. Sure, they will blame the Republicans but so what, you could give them 110% of what they want and they will still say why didn't you give them 120%. Screw em all, what a corrupt bunch but what is worse is a majority of Americans appear to be just as corrupt. Hello Rome, going to suck on this ride for the doers.
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