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It has become a coalition of who gets the most hand outs. These are becoming increasing difficult to maintain withe large debt. As the masses scratch for a little more the realization that both parties are really in it for themselves will eventually become the majority view and a reset will occur.
Attendance to American Sniper proves there is a large majority of Americans who want the United States to be held up as a example of good. If any candidate will realize as Reagan did that Americans for the most part love and honor this country and would welcome such a candidate. Obama won essentially talking about the great things this country can do unfortunately people overlooked his past. Walker could be the opposite to Obama in speaking hope and change only difference is he loves this country.
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Why We Shouldn't Arm Ukraine

Charlie35 Wrote: Feb 05, 2015 9:59 AM
Well, just like Vietnam we promised then turned our back. At least it did not waste 58,000 Americans in the process. How do you know if we arm Ukraine that they can't force the Soviets out in the open. Once the charade of Russian Seperatists is gone and real honest to God Russian soldiers are on the front lines the West can decide what to do. If the weak kneed decide to turn away those same troops will someday be rubbing their nose in the s%^t. At least we can stop pretending.
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How Uncle Sam Became a Bank Robber

Charlie35 Wrote: Feb 04, 2015 10:12 AM
Civil forfeiture was started in the war on drugs and lots of people jumped on board. The Supreme Court has slowly been cutting it back but it is still unconstituitonal as hell. We the people have a due process right and these bastards cry for tools to fight crime and save the babies then go about abusing it right away. They are cheap scum who need a good spanking if not bullet.
Sad to see a bunch of so called Republicans on their knees before her highness. Qualified.....I guess I am qualified to do brain surgery too! I know she will get 80-90 votes and then she will bend them over and spank them. I think they get off on being abused!
One of these days the 50.1% of the American voters who believe they voted themselves security will find some Jihadist putting either a bullet in their head or just removing it. You can't deny reality very long before it comes a-knockin. Stupid fools!
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The Shameless Hackery of Harry Reid

Charlie35 Wrote: Jan 29, 2015 4:57 PM
Well ol Mitch will leak down his leg an roll over so Harry can scratch his belly. Give me a break, to shut up the Dems just do away with the filibuster rule and shove it up their backside. Yeah sure Obama will veto but just write the law to say something like if such and such agency is not funded by X day it goes away and all regulations X created go away to. Then fund each agency one at a time and let Obama veto. Start with the dirt bags with the IRS and move to the EPA and so on. They will get the message you mean business and understand power.
The aggressive police actions are of major concern. While we want the bad guys caught can removed from the street let me quote the usual, "Let 100 guilty go free to prevent one innocent suffer". Be nice if the liberals thought about no knock raids and such because they are all on board with these tactics. Shall we refer to WACO.
Well, so when will Obama have to deal with the blood of any Americans killed. About the same time President Johnson will be held accountabe for Vietnam and the so called Great Society. Come on, not only are they Democrats they are communists. They are tools pure and simple. My only hope is that they in some way have to deal with personal tragady they have brought to so many others.
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Restate of the Union

Charlie35 Wrote: Jan 21, 2015 2:27 PM
Funny thing, he is going to deliver smaller government and less regulation. When the inevitable collapse happens, one which he has accelerated, there will be no government or enforcement of any law or regulation. The only fear is that freedom will be fleeting because the vacuum will be filled and history shows despotic savagry is the result. Maybe Barry will reap the whirlwind I know for sure the little guy sure will.
My experience is that leftist professors ridicule and demean. Prepare for the onslaught and expose them for the empty vessels they are. My experience was a professor who I disagreed with and battled attempted to give me a low grade on a paper. Paper was fine and I asked to have it compared to others from the class. He claimed they were private and unavailble. I then went to the dean and demanded a third party review. The professor then claimed all the papers were destroyed "accidently". I then produced a copy of the original and placed it on the dean's desk. I had my grade upgraded to an A. Professor was tenured so nothing they could do. College sucks and I recommend all the people who comtemplate it to avoid it and learn another way. This is the only way we can bring these usless parasites to their knees.
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