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The elite seem to think that things will not change with massive poor immagration into the country. They fail to realize that they may not be the annonted ones when the realignmet takes place. Does the term useful idiots come to mind.
Roberts will protect the law and "change" whatever to uphold it. Obama must really have something on him for sure. The 4 liberals would uphold anything the feds do includint rounding up any and all people they feel are a threat. Heck, they probably would agree to torture as well. This is what happens when Ideology trumps all other things. All they need to do is twist the language to fit the need. Up is now down etc etc. George Orwell was right and we are going to live the lesson. Nice to live under tryanny eh!
I doubt 95% of Republicans disagree with ol Barry. The most gutless wonders always have an excuse.....Next election, 1/2 or 1/3 blah blah blah. There really is only one recourse since the courts are as corrupt as the rest is simply to refuse to fund the government. Barry can cry about the 14th Amendment giving him authority to spend money but don't raise the debt ceiling or pass any funding bills and shut it all down. Make Barry chose who will get the shaft and see how long it takes before enough people get angry. Sure, they will blame the Republicans but so what, you could give them 110% of what they want and they will still say why didn't you give them 120%. Screw em all, what a corrupt bunch but what is worse is a majority of Americans appear to be just as corrupt. Hello Rome, going to suck on this ride for the doers.
Inflation is sooo nice until that tiger gets out of control. These elite fools think that they can control it but inflation occurs when people lose faith in the currency. That may happen sooner than later.
Typical of liberals to not accept or understand that there are consequences to actions. Feelings are one thing but what comes about due to your actions are what you will ultimately be judged on. That includes who we the people vote for.
There is a fix but the gutless congress won't take it, do away with the VA. Stonewall that you SOB's
The EPA will end up destroying the economy but they don't care because they are made up of communists who only want to create some form of centralized government that we will serve like good lap dogs. Pray they don't decide we emit to much carbon and decide to kill off the unnecessary in their minds. Time to make a choice folks or you will be gassed just like the jews in Germany because you are not worthy. Why the swat teams are really being formed, to use on US!
Lets legalize all of America, North and South and let them vote for money from US! Lets see low long we don't become the corrupt cesspool like the rest of the South of the Border bunch. Canada will have enough sense to avoid the whole thing. Ever hear of national suicide? Well here we have it and the majority of people willingly decided to do it. Wish there were 2 lines, one for those who want to live in misery and the other where you want to succeed. Oh yeah, that used to be with Ellis Island and such. Now we are the laughing stock of the world. Oh well, it was nice once....
Once again we show how shallow we are. We create these governments then abandon them. Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan will learn how worthless we are as an friend. This will make sure we will have fewer allies to do anything. We will also see terrorists coming to our country killing Americans. How many will the left want to sacrifice for their conscience to be clear. I hope it takes place where they live so they can experience it first hand instead of some far away place.
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Obama Makes Helter Skelter in Las Vegas

Charlie35 Wrote: Jun 10, 2014 10:48 AM
Sorry, it all starts with WE THE PEOPLE. We have the government we deserve and soon the slavery we voted for. History again repeats itself because once there is plenty people lose their moral compass and vote for their demise. Sorry, there is no changing the course and the eventual destruction of the US is really not that far away. I guess the only good Obama did was provide a definite point in history where it became irreversible to destructive course we chose.
So this is how is starts, our new Caesar er President. The Roman Senate willingly gave their power to Caesar and that was the end of the Republic. The Democratically controlled Senate gave away their power to this fool and they will never get it back. Folks we have witnessed the end of the Republic not much good will come from now on. Presidents in the future will become more tyrannical and nothing will stop them except for the occasional assassin. That is not much to hang your hat on.
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