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Really, lets see...HE GOT REELECTED. The middle class has put te gun to their head and pulled the trigger. All that is left is for the body to land. They vote enmass for Democrats and then cry because they get stuck with the bill. Well BOO HOO, you chose to be a slave, get comfortable with the chains folks.
War can be long or short depending on how fought. Romans show that Carthage could be eleiminated forever by total annihalation Britian proved you can drag out things in South Africa and the th colonies. If you decide to win, then do the things necessary to accomplish that. If you chose a political path, then drag it out. I would prefer the WIN.
Years ago, one of the scenerios discussed was a transport plane loaded with explosives iving into New York or DC since foreign security is very lax and flisght paths take such planes right over those areas. Now,think of it, Thanksgiving crowded airport and a group of gunmen attack with guns and explosives. How many police are there? People would not be armed since the law does not allow it. By estimates 20% of the people in the area are victems either dead or wonded. Think of 5 men just spraying the people lined up at the check in or security. They could easily bring in the needed tools inside so called carry on bags. Each terminal is a dead end and it would be like shooting fish in a barel. This is very likely to happen since these folks don't care if they live or die. Police respose would be very slow.
Mark Stein correctly points out the the US has not won a war in 70 years, yes I rounded up. So why? The first one was fear of a wider war, Korea and Vietnam was fear of disrupting the Great Society. Never figure why the great President Johnson is not pillared today for his dirty corrupt politics but gosh he is a Democrat so hands off. Two weeks of heavy bombing in 1972 brought the end of Vietnam and also the run for the hills US. Politicians do not understand that the American people like to fight to win and we have the power to do it. They tire of never ending war with no plan to win. So Gulf War 1 and 2 were a waste because we chose to not win. We can win, but do the liberals want to. No, not until their family members are beheaded in front of them and they will not have freedom from religion they so cherish. Gays do not do well nor women in a Islamic governments. Only then will they shut up and fight but by then it's going to be to late. Sorry folks, war is meant to be ugly. Lets make it ugly for the other guy for a change.
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A GOP Ultimatum to Vlad

Charlie35 Wrote: Jul 29, 2014 3:14 PM
Really Pat, and your solution is isolationism which is the gospel you preach. Problem is that it just rewards those who hate you. Why did the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor, because they thought we would not fight. Why did Russian under Stalin give us the finger, because he thought we were weak. Osama believe the same way and we watched as our fellow citizens jumped out of burning buildings. I guess Pat ol boy would have rewarded them by leaving the Middle East. I suppose it's ok to turn our back on millions of people and shrug screw you and think they will just go away. We can ignore the world but it won't ignore us. So you cry what solution do you propose. I say we should have done when Putin moved into Georgia and sent in troops. Before you tremble at the feet of the Russian Military, they are not as powerful as you believe Putin is smart enough not to want to lose a good portion of them. He would stand down.
HaHaHa, so the Supreme Court believes in the rule of law! Heck no, they believe in law that they make since they are GODS! I guess we need to look to other countries to see how they do things and vola, that is how it is in the United States. We have no Constitution folks, just words that mean nothing. We have become surfs and will end up under the jack boot of government when we don't bend over and have the masterminds live our lives.
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What If Democracy Is a Fraud?

Charlie35 Wrote: Jul 24, 2014 7:41 PM
Sorry, we just repeat history. People always will eventually vote to rob from another, that is how it is and has always been. It falls apart when no one makes anything to rob and people just drift away. Great quote, Democracy ends when people learn they can vote themselves largass from the treasury. So true. There will always be the lazy and useless and they vote. More of them in the end than the motivated and workers. Let it crash and burn and try again!
Government protects itself. The voters keep sending the same people back who made the mess expecting them to fix it. Teddy Kennedy started the process with immigration reform in 1964 and also HMO's back then. Each succession of laws and lawmakers make things worse and then they cry, "send me back I'll fix it this time". Well lets see, they sure have fixed it. Health care, education, immigration and military cronyism have all been fixed eh! I will fight yes, but even John Gault recognized that the best thing to do is leave and let those who remain and created the mess deal with it. Like the Romans, our society will fail and collapse then break up. When necessity dictates that the old is discarded usually it is not compassionate nor gently. With the nice jack boot on their necks, most of the lazy and liberal will learn a hard lesson, governments are not very nice. Maybe their children will learn because the current generation is surely lost.
He's a Dem and will get every one of their votes. Heck, he could eat a baby in front of them and they would still vote for the man because he gives me free stuff they say. Well, when it all crashes down, what will you eat then. My hope is you will all crawl off and die leaving this planet better off. I'm sick of so many of my fellow countrymen with their hands out on their knees hoping that some scrap will land in their palms. Sorry America, we deserve neither freedom nor security!
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Layoffs Prove the Deceit of Amnesty

Charlie35 Wrote: Jul 22, 2014 3:21 PM
Obviously most Americans don't care because they keep electing the same people who brought us and continue to bring us these results. Atlas will shrug folks and then all the folks who thought things would never change will wake up to.......CHANGE. They will find it is not the hope and change they voted for, only change. Hope will be restored when the ticks are pulled off of the dog. Or sadly when the dog dies.
Well now the LGBT community will open their wallets and give more because wow they are going to get the acceptance they so much desire. Why heck, we should all be gay according to them. Bunch of hypocrites, to cry they want equal rights but really want to be held high above all of us unenlightened. Gotta laugh though, wait til the other untouchable group, Muslims show the LGBT community what they do to folks like them. This will not be so great and without the benevolent Christians to protect them hope they own guns.
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