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Is Liberalism Exhausted?

Charlie35 Wrote: Feb 27, 2015 10:18 AM
Liberalism is not dead, they have millions of ardent supporters on the dole. Votes bought and paid for by our tax dollars. Liberalism along with the United States is dying because as Maggie said you run out of other peoples money. Like Greece a majority of Americans getting they daily bread from the government will not vote or allow a change. Only collapse and civil war will cleanse us of this disease. But it will rise again because people never change.
Boy this is so funny. You want faster internet well suck on this big #$^^. We will see no new investment in providing better service since ol Uncle Sam is watching the henhouse. We will all be equal, nice slow internet but geez at least we all have equal access. Sound familier, just cuz you have coverage don't mean you see a doc! And just think of all the nice new fees the ol city folks can pay so us dolts in the country get faster internet.....Gotta love the supid Americans. Damn, we just give our freedom away without so much as a raised voice. Hope the chains of bondage wear heavy!
The court will say "oh well, we know it is bad but for the greater good" they will do a 5-4 I mean after all equal protection blah blah blah. When the death panels kick in and you offer of low cost pain killers to ease you way out of this mortal world when sued the court will say "oh well it is for the greater good" and in a 5-4 decision say it's ok to eliminate the useless eaters. When the people roll over like dogs they shall be treated as such, I mean we are sooooo humane to our pets now aren't we. I am not another man's pet and will not go quietly into the night!
Sorry, we the people deserve this. It will continue and prosper til the Golden Goose dies. Then the chaos will descend on the land and we all will be consumed. This is the lesson of history and no matter what will not be prevented. Read the Rise and Fall of Empires, it is all the same. Maybe next time, maybe next time.
I see the Repub's are starting to pee down their leg. Just do it and allow the agency to not have a budget. They are not enforcing the borders nor doing anything to keep us safe since der leader is spineless. Most will report to work because they are deemed essential. Defund the whole mess and the only people who will notice are the hard working taxpayers who won't have to sit in traffic jams to get to their jobs.
Parents fault, college fault take you pick. Reality is college is becoming a waste of time and in the end fewer and fewer people will go. 100K in debt for what, a liberal arts degree that means nothing. After college go cry about unfairness in a world filled with it. Your voice will not be heard and mom and dad will tire of you as you mooch off of them. Grow a pair and strike a new path instead of lock step into college. Leftism ruins all it touches.
Funny thing about liberals is the absolute belief money grows on trees. How else do you explain their fanatic belief that regulation no matter how severe has nothing but great effect. It also explains their indignation that people should protest not giving them more to spend. May also exlain why they believe that rules don't apply to them especially laws of economics.
The fundamental problem with health care is there is a limit to it. Each choice to provide coverage whether government run or private lives under this burden. With one payer system they always ration. Have to since you run out of tax revenue pretty quick. Private plans ration as well but use price. The problem with one payor is the rules are very rigid and don't allow for compromise and become highly political where in private plans you can try various options such as charity or borrowing. At least in the private system there is hope. Government one payer systems are heartless since the faceless nameless masters never see the damage.
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The Unemployment Figure Is A 'Big Lie'

Charlie35 Wrote: Feb 10, 2015 10:01 AM
It does not matter, just give them a hand out and they will vote for more. We'll borrow the needed money or just have the Feds print up more funny money. Just like Rome and we will meet the same fate. I always shake my head at all the fools who believe that it will never collapse and go on forever. Rough times ahead.
It has become a coalition of who gets the most hand outs. These are becoming increasing difficult to maintain withe large debt. As the masses scratch for a little more the realization that both parties are really in it for themselves will eventually become the majority view and a reset will occur.
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