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Yeah right, the Dems will pull it out since most mooch voters will scurry to the polls either dragged or willingly. The tit will always produce milk for these people as long as the dimwits vote Democrat in their minds. The conservatives will stay home and then cry why the country just flushes down the toilet. Good then lets just have it all crash down. I have no love for the Republicans since they have and will vote to screw this country. I want the crash so we can pull a Romania and round all these scum bags up and deliver the same medicine
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Voter ID Myth Crashes

Charlie35 Wrote: Oct 28, 2014 10:25 AM
Mail in ballots should be done away with. All voters show up on Tuesday, show who they are and are properly registered. No more provisional ballots etc. If this means a Constitutional Amendment then so be it. All votes must be cast in person and on election day by legally registered voters for the district in which they are eligible to vote. My how simple the amendment could be. It would end all of this and get back to being citizen requires a little work.
Sorry folks ol Hickylooper will win because Colorado has turned blue. The dope smokers would rather abort their children, live off others and vote Democrat than think of morals and principles. Moral of the story here is no Democrat in a blue state can ever do anything that will cause them to lose an election. A group of true moral ingrates
I wonder if any of this can be used to civilly proscute those involved. While criminal proscutions will be highly doubtful, survivors could use this information to go after those who decided to allow this illegal gun scheme to take place. I would love to see financial harm done to these folks which would be a just punishement.
Really, why even have elections. Like the Cuban's or Soviets's elections are for show. Thats what they want here with the Democrats winning always until the day comes when the people either quit trying and society fails or gunfire is the vote of choice.
I have to agree with Ann Anon. Most voters now are voting their pocketbook but sadly that means how to get Uncle Sam to line it with money.
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Oh Snap: John Tierney Lost His Primary

Charlie35 Wrote: Sep 10, 2014 3:33 PM
Murtha was a Marine, rot in hell you piece of garbage
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Hold On, Mr. President

Charlie35 Wrote: Sep 10, 2014 11:18 AM
There is no substitute for victoy! Famous statement and one the US has not practiced in a long long time. The only way to stop these folks is to make it so high a price to pay for behaving badly they choose not to. Sparing people the full wrath of war is to prolong the conflict. Until we come to the realization then we will flounder about. The Congress should always vote WAR to make sure it is done with consent and knowledge of the end game.
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Cheap Politicians

Charlie35 Wrote: Sep 10, 2014 11:13 AM
The service in government was supposed to be a public service then back home. We need term limits, the end of institutional lobbying and most importantly the end of the party system. George Washington warned of it. I do not nor advocate a rivate individual associating with whom they choose but once elected, like their investments all party affiliations are severed while in office. I also advocate the approval of the original constitutional amendment for one representative for every 50,000 people to help better represent and diffuse power.
Several years back the IRS commissioner stated that the government was close to losing voluntary complience with the tax code. He warned that if it happened there would be hell to pay since there is no way the IRS can prosecute all the folks who do not want to readily comply. This is another indication that the IRS is itself becoming a agency without contol or reputation and soon people will not be willing to just bend over anymore. When this happens the IRS will bully and violate peoples rights even more. This will lead to a crisis and there are a bunch more of us than those fools at the IRS.
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