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Clouds Over Obama's Second Term

Charlie35 Wrote: Jan 22, 2013 3:00 PM
Pat Pat Pat, as usual you mix truth and fantasy. It is true that foreign events can and will undermine Obama, it is not the evil Jews who will be the driver. Instead, perception of a weak Obama will embolden those who see opportunity. Most of those are Islamic or Chinese. Japan and Taiwan see the writing on the wall that the US can't be trusted. Domestically, Obama will overreach like FDR the difference no matter how much Obama wishes it he will not be able to run again. His influence will start to wane and after 2014 he will be meaningless. You do not pick a fight with the vast majority of Americans without blow back. Guns, taxes and government waste are great unification tools. Funny, he may end up uniting us after all.
Rarely have second terms lived up to the hopes and expectations of presidents or their electorates.

FDR's began with an attempt to pack the Supreme Court by adding new justices and a second Depression of 1937. He was rescued only by the war in Europe in 1939 and the GOP's nomination of "the barefoot boy from Wall Street," Wendell Willkie.

What can be called Harry Truman's second term was a disaster.

In 1949, the Soviets exploded an atom bomb and China fell to Mao. In 1950, the Rosenbergs were convicted as atomic spies for Stalin and North Korea invaded the South,...