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At least this joke didnt go over everyones head.
he enjoys the odor.
If Dr. Carson were a proctologist, he could really help obama.
how many liberal gun owners were "outed"? I'm quite sure many of these permit holders are obama voters too.
Yup, the liberals will win, and win every federal election from here on out UNLESS, we demand and get photo ID, and no computer voting. Paper votes ONLY. Something tangible, a paper trail. Only then will we have a fairly elected president.
OK, Ruth, but they have to be attractive. My nomination is the 2005 female swedish bikini team.
Just say goodby Rick.
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Romney Was Not the Problem

CharlieWalksonwater Wrote: Nov 23, 2012 11:35 AM
1. Romney lost because the media (ex main stream) is biased for liberals. 2. Romney lost because he was not conservative. 3. Romney lost because many liberals dont want a fair election...some states allow anyone to vote anytime, many times and the liberals encourage voter disenfranchisement. Offer up some real conservatives to pick from next time, and watch that person win.
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Rand Paul 2016?

CharlieWalksonwater Wrote: Nov 21, 2012 11:16 AM
I would love a Rand Paul candidacy. However, the only way any conservative/libertarian candidate can be elected and that is by demanding all states use photo voter ID. Paper ballots only, no computers. One citizen, One vote. Paper trail.
now that image is burned in to my brain....tell your nephew thanks. Buy him a burger for me, that was a really good one.
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