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i've got 5: When are you leaving? Whan are you leaving? When are you leaving? When are you leaving? When are you leaving?
Actually, there was a lot of taxpayer money spent - for their security - SS.
The money could have been better spent fixing her face.
Perhaps you need an education. Etymology[edit]'Jig' is a very old term for a lively dance, and in Elizabethan times the word also became slang for a practical joke or a trick. 'The jig is up' - meaning your trick or game is finished, has been exposed, we're onto you now - derives from this obsolete slang word. From "Encyclopedia of Word and Phrase Origins" by Robert Hendrickson (Facts on File, New York, 1997) Phrase[edit]the jig is up (simple past the jig was up) 1.(US, idiomatic, dated) An expression used to mean "We have been caught out and have no defense", or if spoken to a person who's just been found out as the perpetrator of an offense, it means "You've been discovered." 1753, The Skipper We knew then the jig was up, and it was no grin matter for us.1833, Seba Smith (as Jack Downing), The life and writings of Major Jack Downing, of Downingville, away down East in the State of Maine, Lilly, Wait, Colman & Holden, page 176, When I first told 'em how the jig was up with us, that the British were going to have the land, without any fighting about it, I never see fellows so mad before in my life, unless it was Major Eaton at Washington when he sot out to flog Mr. Ingham.1920, Champ Clark, My Quarter Century of American Politics, Harper & brothers, page 96, After I had returned home in the spring of 1893 from Washington, where I saw so many gray-haired men who had held high elective office begging for the crumbs from Cleveland's table, I gave my wife an account of what I observed, and told her that when the jig was up for me I would hasten back to Missouri to begin the practice of law once more and be a man among men.2007, Mary Newport, in Jerry Newport and Mary Newport, Mozart and the Whale: An Asperger's Love Story, Simon and Schuster, ISBN 074327282X, page 248, The universe works in strange ways: just when you think the jig is up, you get a second chance. Race-baiters love to make something out of nothing and create problems. AFter all, if there were no racial problems, SHArpton, Jackson, Cornell West, Dyson, Holder, and Obama, to name a few, would have to find real jobs.
You mean like the 76 men, women and children (white) that were murdered by Clinton's and Reno's jackboots. Or, the 15 year old boy (white) shot in the back and his mother (white) shot in the head while she stood her doorway holding her infant by Clinton's and Reno's jackboots. Yeah, people of color have to worry. Now, Holder is referring to the criminals that were dispatched after attacking someone, attacking the police or resisting arrest, because we all know that if a person of color wants to disobey the law, they should be able to do so with impunity. This is our Attorney General? And, by the way, didn't he resign? Oh, I guess that was just to try to help the struggling Dems in their re-elections. After the elections, that resignation was lost or thrown away.
The caption to go with this picture should be "duh". Oh, how poor they are to be constantly dissed because they're black. Well, in the case of Barry, half black. I guess they would be happier dancing around an elephant's foot in Kenya. The legacy of the Obama's Presidency will be one of dividing the US on racial gounds (besides running the country into the ground). During 2008 there were no riots and racial unrest. He was elected because he was black. Since he was inaugurated, the country has steadily become divided. Every challenge to his policies was immediately labeled as racist. Every incident involving a black person was immediately labeled as racist. He fosters race problems as his Presidential agenda. Now, the first family is so sensitive to every imagined slight. And, if there isn't something to complain about, they'll make something up. I guess he figures that, if you are watching the riots or protests, you won't be watching what a terrible job he's doing. Well, we're stilll paying attention.
Why? Because it will make more money for coorporations? We destroyed the Third Reich in less than a year and that was against an army that numbered in the millions. The Crusades didn't take that long and they were on foot using swords and spears. Why does it take decades to beat an army of rabble. Oh, that's right, we have to pussyfoot around and play nice, nice in the sand box.
I think the theaters should show it anyway. It's covered in Free Speech. If Paramount bitches, stop showing their movies altogether. See how much money they make then. Remember - if their movies don't show and their DVDs don't sell, they go out of business. Let's see how steadfast the American consumer is.
The only thing that matters to the FBI and Homeland security is Obama's friends in Hollywood. Tens of thousands of citizens get hacked and their identity stolen - no problem. But, let some rich starlet have some pictures hacked (which will actually make her more money in the long run) and put them on the internet - we have a major problem. Low lifes in Sony get hacked and we see what back stabbers they really are - that's a major problem. Meanwhile, Obama's got his Senate cutting vets' pay and housing allowance, throwing gasoline on the fire that's racial unrest, is attempting to break the law concerning immigration and complains about waterboarding while trying to play nice, nice with a country (Cuba) that routinely tortures (for real) people as a matter of course. Experts are predicting that we can expect an incident at a school like the one in Pakistan. Where is Homeland Security? They're checking out DVD pirates or a no-consequence hack on Sony.
"I think for pretty obvious reasons I am not going to get ahead of that investigation or any announcements they may make about that investigation." I love this!!! Too bad the Obama administration didn't follow this plan when it came to Travon Martin, Michael Brown and the Ferguson riots. He never waited for the facts then.
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