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BS!!!!! Our standard of living didn't increase when my wife's employer sent the work to China. American auto workers standard of living didn't increase when GM, Ford, and Chrysler closed plants in the U.S. and opened them in Mexico, Brazil, and Bolivia. American workers in Computer, TV, stereo, radio, DVD/Blue Ray player, hard drive and other electronic companies moved to China and the Pacific Rim countries. Why don't you ask one of the millions of unemployed American workers that are living with relatives, have lost their life savings, lost their homes and can't find a decent job if their standard of living has improved? Since the great and wonderful experiment of Free Trade and NAFTA, the government revenue for SS, Medicare/Medicaid, Fed. taxes, State taxes, property taxes, gasoline taxes, corp. taxes, sales taxes has decreased. Is it any wonder the government can't pay its obligations. Foreign workers don't buy in American stores so the economy has tanked. Free Trade is a myth. Thailand, for example, has a 100% import tax. A small can of Campbell Pork and Beans sells for the equivalent of $2.84, a can of Campbells soup - $1.72. Thai soup sells for pennies. A foreign company must hire 4 Thais for every 1 foreign worker. The Thais know how to protect their work force! You state that a person who produces $5 worth of goods and services an hour cannot expect to be paid more than $5 per hour. Those goods and services wouldn't be valued so cheaply if they weren't compared to Illegal's work and cheaply made foreign goods. How do you expect an American worker to support a family on a salary of $5 an hour? Can't be done!! The cost of living here is way too high. I guess you are ok with Americans living in a tin shack with no running water, cooking on a clay charcoal pot, freezing in the winter. Your vision of America with so called free trade is a disaster unless you happen to be on of the top 1% making profits from the demise of the American worker. We had tariffs on imported goods in every administration up to Clinton's. During Reagan's admin. they were there and America was second to none and American workers were employed and doing well. Wages and cost of living was in balance. Since they were removed in 1993, our trade deficit has gone from $18 billion with China to Hundreds of Billions of dollars. That deficit goes directly to America's national debt. China passed America as the largest manufacturer on the planet in 2010.
Do you remember the scene in "Meet the fokkers" where the little grandson says to Robert DeNiro, "A$$ Hoooooooole". He was talking about Kerry!
Let's see. What cost American more jobs? Robots that shift the employment to the people that manufacture robots, program robots, ship the robots to the job site, set up the robots, operate the robots and repair robots? Or, NAFTA, that just sent 12 million to 14 million jobs to foreign countries over the past 20 years? I think NAFTA was much more at fault. Also, the writer talks about the auto workers, whose jobs are here to stay. Maybe, he's too young to remember the hundreds of thousands of autoworkers whose jobs went to Mexico, Germany, Brazil, Japan, and other foreign counties as plant after plant was closed and relocated across our borders in the 1990s following Clinton signing NAFTA into law in Dec 1993. Robots had nothing to do with those auto workers losing their jobs, losing their homes, the glut of housing on the market causing the market collapse, banks failing because of their capitol being tied up in foreclosed real estate, decreasing contributions for SS and Medicare/Medicaid, decreasing Fed. income taxes, decreasing State income taxes, decreasing sales taxes, decreasing gasoline taxes, decreasing corp. taxes, decreasing property taxes etc. Oh, and lets not forget about the $trillions lost in bailouts (especially the GM bailout, which has, I suspect, still not been paid back) and failed stimulus bills which can't possibly make up for the lost jobs. Yeah, robots are the problem. Not!!!!
Oops. Forgot to mention that Obama will give a press conference with his finger in the corner of his eye, saying "Our hearts are broken.", and claiming that if he had a son, he would look just like Michael Brown. Then blacks will be free to burn down all the major cities of America. AHHHHHH, justice!!!
This is just like the 2000 election. If you don't like the results, keep counting over and over again until you get the results you like, one that condemns the white cop and exonerates the black thug. Soon, Holder will claim that the "poor little child" was executed by the evil, KKK, white fascist cop while the whole police force looked on and applauded, all wearing white hoods. He'll even have a video showing he whole thing complete with burning cross on the city hall steps.
Personally, I can't believe anyone would walk across the street to listen to this lying bag of pus utter a single word for free.
The same reason horses will run into a barn that's on fire. It's the home they know and where they feel comfortable. Until, their child is shot by a stray bullet of course. Then they want to blame white people and government for not fixing it.
the last two sentences in your comment say it all. What you pointed out in those last two sentences is the reason for the first half of your comment. When the police and legislators see the behavior and attitude of those locals, over and over, they are more likely to look at black neighborhoods and communities as the home of violence and criminal behavior. When they try to clean up the neighborhood, they're met with Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Obama and the media, painting them as the problem not the solution.
Part two: "Criminal justice is rigged: Blacks make up 14 percent of drug users but more than a third of those imprisoned on drug charges." And what exactly did the statisticians use to come up with the 14 percent? I don't believe it. Sounds like phony statistics used as a basis for BS. " Being stopped and frisked is a common experience for the boys. They are acutely aware that encounters with police can be humiliating, dangerous and even fatal." Guess what. If you live in or are passing through the inner city and you're black, a call comes on the police band about a recent crime that involves a black individual and you fit that description, you're going to get frisked. That's life in the big city. "- 90 percent of the people stopped and frisked were not arrested or ticketed. Blacks were more likely than whites to be searched for weapons -- but less likely to be carrying them." But, what the statistics don't mention is were the whites or blacks more likely to be carrying their guns legally? I know the gang members don't register their guns or obtain permits if required. I think this writer needs to go down to his local projects or inner city housing and see for himself what the people are doing hanging on the street corner, hanging out of windows, having sex and drugs in the alleys. Spend some time in a inner city school hallway or bathroom to see what happens in there (of course he may not make it out alive). Whites, cops, or government officials aren't forcing anyone to engage in this activity. It's just the way many like it and the ones that don't, won't change it. It's the stuff that movies (true stories) are made of.
I have a multiple number of problems with this article. " In many places, most blacks have been consigned to inferior schools." Have you seen these schools. They are very often ruled by gangs and drug dealers. Who make up the gangs and drug dealers?? Blacks!! If the police try to remove these criminals, the parent organizations complain and demonstrate. "They assume what holds blacks down are pathologies rampant in many poor minority neighborhoods: criminality and family breakdown." And, this is all true. And who is responsible? The black fathers that abandon their family for another skirt. The welfare state that pays mothers to stay at home and have kids to increase their "paycheck" so they can buy more drugs. "A majority of poor families are poor despite work." Yes, blacks from the projects and inner city are by and large less qualified and educated than whites or Asians. That means their earnings are going to be less on average. Many didn't finish school, had parents (or parent) that didn't care about education or schools that didn't do their job (Good teachers avoid the inner city schools like the plague. They would like to live.). " Minority workers have suffered badly from stagnant wages and the departure of inner-city factories" You can blame Clinton and NAFTA for that one. That and the fact that inner city factories got tired of operating in a battle zone. "But Republican legislators in state after state have adopted laws aimed at preventing blacks from voting." Liberal tripe!!!! Republicans don't want to stop black voters voting. They want blacks to register in advance and vote ONCE, not be bussed from polling place to polling place, voting over and over with "on the spot registration", like they did in the 1960 Presidential election where Kennedy received more votes in some sections of Illinois than there were registered voters. This has also happened in several elections since. This is the reason "the on the spot" multiple voters voted for Buchannan in the 2000 election. They had no idea that the format of the ballet had been changed (didn't receive the sample). They were told on the bus to vote for the second candidate, which on page one of that ballet was Buchannan. Gore was on the other page. "The African-Americans marching peacefully in Ferguson, exercising a constitutional right, were confronted by cops in riot gear pointing rifles at them." Well, after the rioting and looting, the police have to be ready for anything.
I forgot to add the movie, Divergent, another impossible scenario in the same vein as The giver. How do these people get this tripe made? Harry Potter and Star Wars are more realistic than these farces.
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