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My BS meter broke when he was running, but my HS meter still works like a champ.
You cannot unscramble eggs!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ted Bundy use that same technique to kill some of his victims. He used fake casts to get sympathy.
Hey, don't offend pigs. They scare the hell out of the Muslims.
Using 5th gen AKs. But, they still wounded 3 cops. The cops are trained??????
Obamanamadingdong loves the Muslims, gives them an excuse for every terrorist act and grants them 9000 free passes into this country so they can commit the same violence here. 704 days left until he's gone, gone, gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Meanwhile, back at the Oasis, the Arabs were eating their dates.
This has nothing to do with "radical" Islam. It's Islam!! Read the Qu'ran.
This is what happens when you open the door and let the rats into the kitchen. The Danish security service said it was likely a terrorist attack. Obama would have said it was a misunderstanding.
The public schools must be forced to stop this type of indoctrination. We pay for these schools. Most parents are having a hard time making ends meet, let alone pay for the public school system AND pay for home schooling.
Encountering someone who thinks differently is one thing. Indoctrination of children in public schools is something entirely different and wrong. Would you feel the same if the NRA was having pro-gun seminars in schools?
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