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THe winds of change don't blow, they suck.
Prostitution is illegal!
Muslims don't integrate, they overtake and subjugate. It's in the Qur'an. "Our biggest advantage is that our Muslim populations, they feel themselves to be Americans". Yeah, kinda like the brothers that blew up the Boston Marathon, or the Muslim that shot up Fort Hood, or the Muslim shoe bomber, or the muslim marchers that chant "death to freedom, Sharia will overcome", etc.
"Rep. Price also noted that budget cuts and a thriving economy were necessary if there is any hope of balancing the budget". BS!!! First, they base a "thriving economy" on Wall St. Wall ST. posts huge gains while the economy and government revenues plummet. That's because Wall St.'s profits are based on products and services from overseas. The US has lost 12 - 14 million jobs in the last 20 years, which has killed the economy, created a drain on gov. revenues and directly reduced gov. revenues across the board because payroll deductions are lost. A balanced budget won't get it done because the trade imbalance alone adds a $trillion to the debt every 3 years. But, hey, they're only giving lip service anyway. They thought it was a good idea to shaft the military servicemembers while paying $billions to illegals. Go figure.
i wonder how much they had to pay for the actors in the bogus attempted attack. Wag the dog anyone?
I wonder how much they paid for the fake terror threat so the government could pass amnesty?
Gee, I guess the people we're talking about are the ones caving because of an "imagined threat". Maybe Isahiah has something there!
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