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The gazans are in a prison of their own making. If they were peaceful, they would have peace and trade. They only want to attack continuously. And, the only semite that the muslims are is Anti-semite. If the Gazans wanted to live away from Israel, they could migrate to another muslim nation.. Oh, that's right, no other muslim nation wants them because they are troublemakers.
Those muslims must have been some juicy targets.
The only pain I see is the Pain in the A$$ every palestinian becomes when they cry "why me?".
Yes, but Homeland Security is at the forefront of protecting DVDs from being illegally copied.
What you seem to miss is that it is the muslim religion that attacks every other one for not being approved by mohammad. The muslim is the one that considers all of a different faith as infidel and wants to kill them. They will reap what they sow. Soon!!!
Muslims are warmongers that attack everyone that isn't muslim. They need to stop attacking everyone if they dont want to be eliminated.
Muslim moron - Hamas attacked Israel first and it is Israel that is eliminating rocket launch sites in defense.
Because they have been attacking everyone for thousands of years and then cry foul when someone retaliates. They are whining crybabies, they overpopulate, they make the most heinous laws known to man and attack continuously for the idiotic reason that everyone else is substandard. Exactly the opposite of your statement. It is the muslim that calls everyone else infidel and wants to kill them. If they don't want their a$$ kicked, don't attack Israel.
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