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Abba Dabba Doo and a couple of rug pilots on the border. They can't believe we have sand too. They're mezmerized! Hang some bacon on that fence and all will be well.
THere isn't a requirement for daddy to live separately and sheriffs don't extort money from daddies. Bad analogy.
One more addition to the whole "let them go" deal. In the military, we had a big U.S. on all our blankets and gear. Before being dumped overboard to their "freedom", they should have a big "NOT U.S." branded into their foreheads. Wouldn't want to have any mistaken links to the evil, oppressive US.
I say let them go. Don't charge them a cent. Put a size 14 EEEE boot up their a$$, put them on a ship out to 200 miles at sea, throw them overboard and let them swim to the country of their choice. NEVER let them back in. For corporations leaving the US, if they don't want to pay their fair share, let them go, but ban all their products from the US. Why should they reap the benefits, but not pay their share. Let them see what profits they make in their new chosen country.
Liberty is not paid for with dollars? Where do you think the money comes from to provide you with liberty? From tax dollars. Here, let me put it in simple terms even you can understand. a. Tax dollars are collected b. The government uses the tax dollars to build a military. c. The military protects you from the bad people that would deprive you of your liberty. Hence, tax dollars provide liberty.
Those tariffs, that you don't like so much, were responsible for creating thousands of American jobs, unlike so called Free Trade agreements (that work one way) that sent American jobs to foreign countries and are responsible for out current economic problems. And when they go to a foreign country and don't pay the tax, who makes up the difference? The American taxpayer, that's who. When these companies and their parent, 3G Capitol, move to a foreign country, who loses jobs? American workers.
Don't know where you got that info, but It's not correct. Canada has a conservative government. Outlawed handguns, socialist medicine, people coming to America to get medical care. NYT, a leftist rag. Canadians pay 50% Fed income tax before surcharges to make up for the low corporate tax. Here's a link comparing world taxes for your info:
Renounce their citizenship. Oh, they expect all the freedoms and advantages of the US, but don't want to share the responsibilities. I served this country for 20+years and I have an idea for those who want to renounce their citizenship. Don't charge them a cent. Put a size 14 EEEE boot up their a$$, put them on a ship out to 200 miles at sea, throw them overboard and let them swim to the country of their choice. NEVER let them back in.
Should be "increase unemployment".
Liberty doesn't come free. It has to be paid for. Ducking out of responsibilities doesn't help anyone. Read this article and see what 3G Capitol's idea of liberty results in - lost jobs:
I'm for employing American workers and this type of merger just doesn't cut it. Cutting the Corporate Tax (the effective Corporate tax has been steadily falling since 1947) won't do it either. Companies aren't leaving because of high taxes, but to take advantage of low wages in other countries. What mergers like this will accomplish will be to decrease unemployment and shift the tax burden directly onto the individual tax payer. Be careful what you ask for! What does 3G Capitol do when they take over companies? Lay off workers!!! Here's a snippit from an article, the whole thing can be read at: ".3G is perhaps best known for its $28 billion acquisition in 2013 of HJ Heinz Co., a deal that also involved Buffett. The private equity firm immediately cut 5% of HJ Heinz workforce. The first deal 3G Capital did in the U.S. was a proxy battle waged against the CSX Corp. /quotes/zigman/223740/delayed /quotes/zigman/223740/lastsale CSX railroad company in 2010, which they won. 3G runs the biggest railroad in Brazil. Their first private equity deal in the U.S. was the $3.8 billion acquisition Burger King in 2010. Immediately after completing the deal, 3G installed its own 33-year old Daniel Schwartz as CFO and 43-year old Bernard Hees as CEO. Layoffs followed soon after. 3G also bought Anheuser-Busch before its merger with Belgian brewer InBev in 2008 for $52 billion. Lemann, with his partners, ran Brazil’s two biggest breweries which became AmBev. AmBev later merged with Interbrew of Belgium to become InBev, which in turn became Anheuser-Busch Inbev /quotes/zigman/558553/delayed /quotes/zigman/558553/lastsale BUD ."
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