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Really? Britain staged and executed D-Day? Britain liberated France and Belgium? Britain invaded western Germany and Austria? Britain took over the Eagle's Nest? I think you've been in the sun too long. Britain came along for the ride. Britain was in danger of being invaded and would have fallen within weeks when the US came with aid. On the other hand, Mongomery devised the disasterous Market Garden campaign, which set the allies progress toward Germany back months. The British advance in Northern Africa was at a standstill until America joined the war. After that, the Allies defeated the Germans in Africa and invaded Italy, defeating the Italians and driving the Germans out. Patton beat Montgomery to Messina even though Montgomery had less resistance and a much shorter route. In the Pacific, the British were captured, imprisoned in China, Burma, Thailand and the phillipines and rescued by the American forces after we pushed the Japanese back to Japan and bombed them into submission. I have the greatest respect for Churchill, but if indeed his book says that Britain won WW2, then it's grossly inaccurate. As usual, Piers Morgan is a blubbering a$$ clown.
The doves are the ones that get us involved in wars because they allow our enemies to gain strength while doing nothing, but try to pacify them - FDR, Carter, Clinton, Obama.
Columbia, Bolivia?
You and I both know that will never happen!
Just like the post Desert Storm peace disintegrated when Clinton was elected. And, just like any peace in the future will disintegrate when another Democrat dove is elected. How many soldiers have to be wasted and how much money, we don't have, has to be wasted before we say enough?
Paranoid conspiracy theorists? I don't think it's a conspiracy theory that we've been in the middle east for 63 years and have accomplished nothing. It has only gotten worse. George H. W. Bush beat Hussein out of Kuwait and back to Bagdad, then we left shouting "we won.". Then Clinton allowed Hussein to do whatever he wanted and allowed the terrorists to build up worldwide. The result was 9/11. Then, George W. Bush beat back Hussein and the insurgents, rebuilt Iraq's infrastructure and beat back the Taliban in Afghanistan. Then Obama was elected and let the terrorists do whatever they wanted. Now, because of a couple of supposed executions the knee jerk reaction is to go back to Iraq. So, we go back to Iraq and beat back the terrorists. Then, a Democrat dove gets elected, pulls back the troops and allows terrorism to build up worldwide again. In another 4 or 8 years we go back to Iraq again, and on, and on. BS! Stay out of Iraq. Protect America, both physically and iconomically and if the terrorists come here, kill them.
Are you going to shed your blood over there? Are you willing to sacrifice America's economy because of these Muslim clowns?
No! I think he realizes that it is futile and a waste to try to do anything in that part of the world. They have been fighting everyone in every direction for thousands of years and nothing we can do will ever stop it. We've been over there since the 1940s and there is no end in sight. Protect ourselves and stay out of the middle east. If you want to stop it, you'll have to kill everyone in the area.
I side with Ron Paul on this. First - there are questions that these videos are even real. Second - How many more US soldiers will die, and how much money will be wasted if we go back into Iraq, only to be turned around if another Democrat is elected President in the near future. That will set us back to exactly where we are today - nothing gained, more Americans dead. I think we should beef up our border security, get Homeland Security to start protecting America from terrorists and stop concentrating on DVDs being copied illegally. Forget about starting another major conflict overseas.
The WMDs went to Syria (who has used then since) while Bush was trying to get resolutions in the UN security council. The USAF straffed a convoy heading to Syria during the UN talks, killing two of Saddam's ministers. The resolutions were blocked by the Russians, French and Germans because that's where they get their oil. Bush's only mistake was to try to get anything accomplished in the UN.
Once again, we can't make a close examination of the video because it's deemed too violent for adults to witness. Is this by design? The video, by all reports, blacks out at the time of the beheading. Just like the one of Foley, there a lack of blood after several slashes of the knife. Forensic experts have questioned its validity. The after pic could easily be photo-shopped. There is no body - no body, no death. There is also the fact that in the previous videos of terrorist killings, the actual death is shown while other terrorists shout their Allah wac ba chant. Why would these terrorists black out the most terrifying part of the video when they are trying to terrorize the public? And, there is the calm demeanor of the victims. I think I'd be telling the terrorist to Fk off and certainly wouldn't read a statement, knowing I was going to die anyway. BS!! I'm not a big conspiracy fan, but there are folks that think the whole journalist beheading scenario is being used to help Democrats in the coming elections. If the Democrats suddenly show support for going after ISIS, it might make them look better to voters. Look at all the Democrats that are suddenly falling out of lockstep with Obama, calling for action, even invasion of Iraq. Then when the election is over, and they retain their seats, the journalists show up alive and well. Oops, looks like the videos were fake. Too late to change the election results. Watch Clinton use this to her advantage in 2016. I haven't been able to see the latest video and can't make a personal judgment on whether the killing is real or not. So, I can't determine what's really going on, but I wouldn't put it past the Democrats to do something like this to influence voters. We'll see. To those that say "they wouldn't do something like that.", they are doing it with the death in Furguson. They have done it with Sandy Hook's children's deaths, deaths in the Col. theater, deaths in the naval yard, Congresswoman's shooting, death of Obama's campaign worker in Chicago, Jim Brady's shooting, etc., etc. They’ll do anything to get elected.
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