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Yeah, if you're Pi$$ed about something, burn your house down. That seems to be the theme of the welfare state. Intelligence anyone?
Ah, yes, the rule of the machete and the AK-47. Hundreds floating down the rivers, ebola and AIDS spreading everywhere, out of control population and a shining example of economic success. But of course, it's all due to white suppression. Just ask the rappers.
And, that's why I live in Montana. The Sheriff understands.
Where's his money to pay back the merchants for all the merchandise that was stolen and the damages?
This wapper just goes ohn and ohn and ohn and ohn. I had to stop the video, the bro-mance was sickening. I love the video snippets of the rappers and their gestures. Intelligence anyone? The grand jury and the courts will hear the case, talk to witnesses and come up with a finding. People should go home and wait. If they want to riot and loot, they will suffer the consequences. That's the law. P.S. I love that Piers Morgan wants to disarm the police so nobody will die. "What a moroon!" (Bugs Bunny).
How many armed citizens are there in the 4 border states with Mexico. If the Fed. government won't protect the borders, perhaps the citizens of those states should make a stand. If they ever get to Montana we're ready! It's time to stop this nonsense.
That third sentence is supposed to read "American workers in Computer, TV, stereo, radio, DVD/Blue Ray player, hard drive and other electronic companies lost their jobs when those companies moved to China and the Pacific Rim countries". Congress is debating whether to approve the TPP, Trans Pacific Partnership. That would open the doors to the Pacific Rim countries' labor to "American" companies so they wouldn't have to pay Mexico to route their foreign made goods into America. There go millions more jobs out of the country. American companies have invested 14 billion dollars in Africa. That's the next place they're going for cheap labor. Soon there won't be any jobs left here, except for mowing lawns or other basic labor jobs. Try to support your family then. Don't worry about the CEOs and top executives though. They and Wall St. will do just fine until there isn't anyone left to buy their products. Then they'll just take their foreign invested money and move to somewhere nice.
BS!!!!! Our standard of living didn't increase when my wife's employer sent the work to China. American auto workers standard of living didn't increase when GM, Ford, and Chrysler closed plants in the U.S. and opened them in Mexico, Brazil, and Bolivia. American workers in Computer, TV, stereo, radio, DVD/Blue Ray player, hard drive and other electronic companies moved to China and the Pacific Rim countries. Why don't you ask one of the millions of unemployed American workers that are living with relatives, have lost their life savings, lost their homes and can't find a decent job if their standard of living has improved? Since the great and wonderful experiment of Free Trade and NAFTA, the government revenue for SS, Medicare/Medicaid, Fed. taxes, State taxes, property taxes, gasoline taxes, corp. taxes, sales taxes has decreased. Is it any wonder the government can't pay its obligations. Foreign workers don't buy in American stores so the economy has tanked. Free Trade is a myth. Thailand, for example, has a 100% import tax. A small can of Campbell Pork and Beans sells for the equivalent of $2.84, a can of Campbells soup - $1.72. Thai soup sells for pennies. A foreign company must hire 4 Thais for every 1 foreign worker. The Thais know how to protect their work force! You state that a person who produces $5 worth of goods and services an hour cannot expect to be paid more than $5 per hour. Those goods and services wouldn't be valued so cheaply if they weren't compared to Illegal's work and cheaply made foreign goods. How do you expect an American worker to support a family on a salary of $5 an hour? Can't be done!! The cost of living here is way too high. I guess you are ok with Americans living in a tin shack with no running water, cooking on a clay charcoal pot, freezing in the winter. Your vision of America with so called free trade is a disaster unless you happen to be on of the top 1% making profits from the demise of the American worker. We had tariffs on imported goods in every administration up to Clinton's. During Reagan's admin. they were there and America was second to none and American workers were employed and doing well. Wages and cost of living was in balance. Since they were removed in 1993, our trade deficit has gone from $18 billion with China to Hundreds of Billions of dollars. That deficit goes directly to America's national debt. China passed America as the largest manufacturer on the planet in 2010.
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