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First of all - Social Security is NOT a ponzi scheme or welfare. You pay in and your benefits are determined by the amount you contributed. The funds were invested and grew and supported the system. Second - Until 2010 Social Security took in more than it paid out. At last report there is still about $2.8 trillion in treasury bonds left in the system and that will last a LONG time filling in the gap between deductions and costs caused by the lost jobs over the last 20 years. The real problem is that 12 to 14 million jobs were lost over the last 20 years due to the exodus caused by NAFTA, allowing "American" companies to use foreign labor. Foreign laborers don't pay into SS or Medicare/Medicaid in addition to not paying into Fed income,taxes, State income Taxes, property taxes, vehicle registration, sales tax, corporate tax for the plants they work in, they don't shop in American stores, etc. That's why the government, at every level, can't pay its bills. Ending Social Security and making or allowing individuals to invest in their own retirement plans will result in millions of additional welfare, food stamp, free healthcare, etc. because, left to their own devices, Americans will put off investing until it's way too late And, then there is the stealing of retirement funds by low life investment companies (can anyone say Enron). The SS system may not be perfect, but its better than waiting to see if everyone will be Consciencious about investing and 20 years later find out they weren't. The solution is to repeal NAFTA, throw out the proposed TPP and get the jobs back to America. If companies want to use foreign labor, let them pay tariffs. To all the detractors of that statement, realize that during the greatest periods of growth and prosperity, we had tariffs protecting American workers (Truman, Eisenhower, Nixon, Reagan). It wasn't until they were removed by NAFTA (Clinton) and channeling foreign goods through Mexico, that our economy fell apart and people lost their jobs, hence our current predicament.
Does he mean that he or his admin. wrote the news for them.. Maybe that's why you never hear the truth about his admin. on the MSM.
Israel isn't trying to steal that sewer called Palestine. They're trying to stop the rocket attacks that have been launched against them from points in Palestine. If the Palestinians want it to stop, they only have to stop Hamas from launching rockets against Israel. And, for clarification, the Palestinians aren't captives and palestine isn't occupied by Israel. You really must catch up.
I like dumba$$ much better!
It is one of the most densely populated places on earth. Uncontrolled muslim breeding!
Can you read? The people that are persecuting the jews are Muslims. Look at the pics. They're ragheads!
The gazans are in a prison of their own making. If they were peaceful, they would have peace and trade. They only want to attack continuously. And, the only semite that the muslims are is Anti-semite. If the Gazans wanted to live away from Israel, they could migrate to another muslim nation.. Oh, that's right, no other muslim nation wants them because they are troublemakers.
Those muslims must have been some juicy targets.
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