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It is so easy to restrict people from originating flights from West Africa without restricting people that originate elsewhere. Don't buy into the BS that the Admin is feeding us.
Screen the infected passengers AFTER they have infected the plane. Great Idea!!! But, Homeland Security has better things to do than protect us. They have to investigate illegal DVD copying. That's top priority. Millionaire celebrities from the movie and music industries are important.
Perhaps we could get Michelle to snarl at Ebola and scare it away.
We're from the government and we're here to help you.
Perhaps Michelle should design a new anti-ebola menu for us to eat.
The Africans should stop buggering pigs and using bats for toilet paper. Disease stopped.
Well, all Democrats know that Ebola can only be passed on in direct flights. Diseases can't negotiate corners.
But, not solving.
Chad was also on Medical Center.
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