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Hey, Bill. I'm with you 100%. Tell these has-beens to get a life.
If it's so annoying - stay off here. No body is forcing you to be here. And, to tell the truth, most people don't want you here.
I'll tell you why they waited. IT DIDN'T HAPPEN. This is no different the the Mcmartin case of children being abused and the case Reno prosecuted in Florida. The children heard one saying it, they didn't want to be left out and when the analyst asked leading questions, they made up increasingly far out stories. These women are following herd instincts. It was finally thrown out of court, but the damage was done to family, especially the son, who spent 5 years in jail for nothing. In Florida, a 15 year old sunday school volunteer spent 18 months in jail for nothing
You're forgetting the first basis of our legal system - "You are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt". And, lie detector tests are unreliable. That's why they're not admissable in a court of law. Of course, in a witch hunt like this, who cares about right and wrong - lets just string him up on the word of women looking for their 15 minutes of fame (or in the case of a few, another 15 minutes of fame). Their stories just don't ring true. "He gave me a drink and a pill. I took it and while I was unconscious, he raped me" Really? Someone handed them a drink and a pill, while they were in his hotel room in their PJs (?) and they took it. Then, they state that they knew what he was doing while they were unconscious. No evidence kit was ever used because they didn't think to report it for 20, 30, 40 years? Yeah, that sounds plausable, not.
You have to realize that this glorified ambulance chaser is offering both of these deals to make money for herself, not because it's the right thing to do. She should just crawl back under her rock and stay there.
Clinton left the world in a mess of terrorism with his failed foreign policy. Bush was just responding to the result. After the troops beat back the terrorists, Obama prematurely brought home the troops (as he bragged about), leaving it to start all over again.
Yeah, I was drafted 25 Dec 66 (yes, Christmas day) because the advisor role turned into war. Thank you to another Democrat. Now, how long before we're back in Iraq and more Americans are dying so someone else can bring all the troops home and start the cycle all over again.
Tell me Mr Goldberg, would you make the same conciliatory comments about the people that made anti-semitic statements, claims and propaganda in Germany in the 1930s, saying they didn't influence the murder of 6,000,000 jews during WWII? Would you make these conciliatory remarks about Arafat and all the other Muslim leaders' calls for war against the jews that have led to decades of violence against Israel? I think not! It's time to identify the people that incite violence and deal with them.
A wonderful conciliatory article. So, we are to believe that when Al Sharpton leads protests that shout "what do we want, dead cops, when do we want it, now" he's not in any way responsible for inciting violence. When he fans the fires of unrest and violent rioting and looting in Ferguson, MO, he isn't responsible for inciting violence. When Pres. Obama tells demonstrators (that had already rioted, looted and burned businessses) to keep protesting, he is in no way responsible for inciting more violence. Sharpton, West, Jackson, Obama, Holder and De Blasio have lied about evidence, made judgements based on race (not evidence), given protestors and agitators support and encouragement and never once tried to quiet these confrontations down. This last incident was directly related to the hype relating to the deaths of Travon Martin and Michael Brown as was stated in his postings. The individual that sais that he was going to hit the next white person that came by and did that was influenced by these events. The youths that killed the man in MO with hammers were getting revenge for imagined "crimes" against blacks. The Australian baseball player that was shot in the head, his killer saying "this is for Travon", was killed over an imagined "crime" against a black. Stop giving these people excuses to commit violence. It won't end well.
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