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The Dirty Little Secret of 2012

charlesthehammer Wrote: Nov 14, 2012 12:52 PM
For an example, McCain received 200,000 more votes in Ohio in 2008 than Romney in 2012, that's impossible. St.Lucie County FLa. 145% of eligible voters voted. That's just the tip of the iceberg.

A version of this column appeared originally in THE DAILY BEAST.

To paraphrase the traditional Passover formulation honored in Jewish homes: why was this election different from all other elections? What makes 2012 stand out in recent political history, either as a temporary anomaly or a significant, long-term shift in the electorate?

The most striking change in the results this year involved a precipitous and alarming decline in voter participation, a drop-off that stemmed from a deliberate strategy by the Obama campaign and almost certainly provided the president with his margin of victory. Meanwhile, much of the conventional wisdom about...