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Where did you learn your version of history, a liberal indoctrination I believe. Britain shed most of its blood conquering other nations and defending its own territory.
Most evil despot in history, are you speaking of Obama?
What do you get when you use affirmative action to determine an idiot is lawyer material? Eric Holder.
The Nigerian girls were Christians captured by Obama's muslim brothers.
Would the result be any different if Frenkel was a Christian? No, the only hostages that count are muslims, blacks, mexicans, homosexuals, billionaire donors to the democrat party and members of the Chicago liberal mafia.
Want more patriotism? Bring back the draft.
If Obama was white he would be impeached, matter of fact, if he was white he wouldn't have even been considered as a candidate for the presidency.
The separation taking place in the Republican party compares with the separation taking place in various religions. Methodists, Episcopalians, Presbyterians, yes, even Catholics are being divided by liberal and traditional opinions. This country is divided in every manner possible, what will be the end result?
You are correct, now wait for the liberals to call you a racist.
Soccer, along with pro=basketball, bowling and baseball, is meant for liberals who like repetition. Nothing is more boring than watching the same actions repeated over and over.
You are evidently a Northeastern liberal and know nothing about Mississippi or the South. Stay in Mass. or whatever overtaxed miserable northern state you exist in.
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