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O'Reilly: Killing History

charlesthehammer Wrote: Jan 08, 2015 5:14 PM
I"ve often wondered about O'Reilly's love affair with Bobby Kennedy. Strange, he never mentions Bobby's affiliation with McCarthy, seems Bobby and his father old Joe were very, very close to McCarthy. So much so, that old Joe would bristle with anger any time anyone said discouraging words about McCarthy. I suppose religion plays a big role in his love.
svirk (better known as Ahmed) when the facts are written down in the Koran, it's ridiculous to try and deny them.
Tel your story to the 3000 killed in the twin towers, you think your statement makes life any easier for their relatives and friends
Typical liberal logic, blame an inanimate gun.
Zak, please don't associate that twit Shepard Smith as being "fair and balanced".
Taft, you have no idea what an "assault" weapon is.
I would say it is time the French start deportation procedures, however I fear Obama would accept the deportees as abused political dissidents. If so, send them to Boston and San Francisco.
Agree, never, never buy GMC an Chrysler products.
Once again it was American ingenuity that overcame Obama's obscene restrictions on drilling for oil. Like his predecessor Clinton, he is taking credit for something that he fought against.
Go read the Koran, then tell us about the "peaceful" religion.
Yeah, the events might delay their vacations in Paris this year.
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