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The reason they died from malaria......the environmentalists, along with our government, banned DDT the only effective method of killing the source.
I would have no problem with the bringing of two Ebola infected health workers to the U.S. under another presidential administration. Under the present dictator I always have to second guess his reasoning on any major event.
We are transporting two Ebola infected individuals from Africa to the U.S. Why can't we get one Marine back home from a Mexican jail?
Ebola, coming to a hospital near you, brought to you by the Obama adminstration. Never fear, Obamacare will eradicate this disease along with tuberculosis, malaria, scabies, chicken pox he has imported from Central America. No need to worry, this won't affect Obama's golf game, pool shooting and his vacation on Martha's Vineyard.......RELAX.
Extremely secure? Why did two experienced medical personnel contract the disease if what you say is true? Surely someone completely familiar with the disease and with a medical background would logically be secure from the disease. Didn't happen to be the case did it...........
How can they quarantine Ebola victims? Isn't this discriminatory? If this was a primarily homosexual disease the Feds would let it run rampant, just like HIV/AIDS.
Tell us Mary, this being the case, how did two experienced health workers contract the disease.
If Ebola is so hard to contract, how did two experienced health workers end up getting it?
I'm one of those, please explain your position.
Amen Doug
Tell it to the elites. The RNC funds ads against Tea Party candidates, encourages democrats to vote in Republican primaries against conservative candidates etc. If the RNC was at least non-commital in primaries most of the problems would be solved.
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