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Ted Cruz 2016?

charlesthehammer Wrote: Sep 01, 2014 5:30 PM
Is that the same Lincoln who oversaw the deaths of 643,000 Americans?
Why do you, and others, continue to use Romney's religion as an excuse for his loss? He did not stand up for conservtive beliefs and values , in other words he was a RINO.
No, GW that was not the case.
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Not Gonna Surrender America

charlesthehammer Wrote: Sep 01, 2014 8:13 AM
It's football season, do you think the majority of this nation will take anything else seriously? It's unfortunate that election time and football time coincide, most people will know how many yards their favorite running back gained in the last game but will know nothing about how their congressman voted on ANY issue. GOD save us.
Yeah, just what we need another Harvard Grad. Why do idiots assume that since someone graduated from Harvard or Yale that they are a great presidential candidate? George Washington, our greatest president, never graduated from college yet he is the model that needs to be followed. How about a non-lawyer on the Supreme Court, someone with common sense rather than a pedigree? No, it is not required by the Constitution that a Supreme Court member be a lawyer......
I think annfan just about covered what most conservatives think about "nice guy" Romney.
We need a "fire-eater" candidate not a Mr. Milquetoast. The only way to straighten out this country is to have someone with backbone and determination, someone like Ted Cruz.
Agreed, but Bush spoke from notes and memory, Obama reads someone elses words from a teleprompter. Obama does not have the mental ability to THINK on his own.
Buzz must live in California.
You leave off the cost of repair for electric cars, replacement of batteries etc. Drill for oil offshore and on federal property, get rid of all the federal rules and we will all live better.
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