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The Disease Debate of 2015

charlesthehammer Wrote: Feb 17, 2015 6:20 AM
Just another good reason to seal the Southwestern border and deport ALL illegal aliens. Not only are they draining our economy, overcrowding our prisons, committing numerous crimes, taxing our medical facilities, they our now in the process of bringing in diseases that have been eliminated in this country for years.
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Hey Alcee, Give it Back!

charlesthehammer Wrote: Feb 17, 2015 3:37 AM
Who are the idiots that elected an impeached and convicted federal judge to the house of representatives. Answer: the same idiots that elected Obama president. This country is on the brink of disaster, if a CONSERVATIVE is not elected president next term, we are lost.
Gee Bob, don't you know the most important events going on are the fundraisers for our dear leader's third term?
Brooke, Barbara Walter's lover.
Two years in the military is equal to 4 years of college, especially in mastering common sense.
Who would be your choice for ANY job, common sense Walker or nerdy, over educated Jonathan Gruber? Gruber, the guy who believes he is the smartest man on the planet. The democrat party is full of these egotistical, over educated snobs, Dean is just one of many.
Perhaps he had to give up his media job so he can un as Hillary's vice presidential candidate.
I have always wondered how Tom Brokaw, the guy with the speech impediment, got to the top, now he's irritating us on the radio. Must have the same agent as Brian Williams.
First she has to go to speech and diction class.
Addendum to above: This is especially true if the county is controlled by democrat officials.
Here is a tip.....Never, Never buy a home in the same county as the metropolitan district. If you do you will be subject to forced busing to the worst schools in the worst areas of the county. Example: Never buy a home in Jefferson County KY, metro area of Louisville.
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