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What could Chelsea possibly know about anything of substance? Perhaps she's doing advertisements for weight watchers.
Where do they come up with these unknown, RINO, do nothings. Have you ever heard Portman blast Obama or any flaming liberal? Guess the RNC is looking for a Romney clone.
10 years in prison is a resume' enhancement for democrats. In two or three years Nagin will be back in politics and elected to political office. Look how he and the previous governor blamed all Katrina problems on Bush, surely there is some Republican in New Orleans that he can use as a scapegoat.
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Tea Party: Learn From Al Gore

charlesthehammer Wrote: Jul 10, 2014 5:10 AM
What is Ann saying, roll over and play dead? That has been the Republican's problem for the last 30 years. The democrats, and now "fellow republicans", screw their opponents any way they can, Ann suggest they just ignore it and bide their time. Yeah, that really has gotten us an advantage over the years, hasn't it.
Any congressman, democrat or Republican, who votes to fund this monstrosity needs to be kicked out of office. Remember the names come November.
Who is going to check for voter fraud? Eric Holder? We lost Ohio to voter fraud the last election, we lost the senate race in Minnesota to voter fraud, you might have the best candidate in the race, but who counts the vote determines the winner.
Yes, we are at war with Mexico, we are being invaded and the Mexicans are firing at us and we are not firing back.
The first responsibility of the federal government is to protect its citizens. We are being INVADED, where are our federal troops to protect us?
Her "foundation" is like Paul Newman's foundation, it's all kept in the family.
Mr. Tanner leaves out such things as, diseases that have been eliminated in the U.S. are being returned via illegals, crime rates, under reported of course, are soaring due to illegals, quality of life for U.S. citizens is dropping from massive illegals invading our country. There is absolutely no benefit to be gained for taxpayers, the only segment of our population to gain anything is the socialist democrat party and its emperor.
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