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Blacks may have a fear of the cops, but whites have fear of blacks. And with good reason. Black on white crime is tremendously greater than the reverse.. Add to that the fact that black on white crime is seldom reported and white on black crime makes the front page.
Holder has got to be the lowest IQ attorney general the U.S. has ever had. Just to listen him speak you know, automatically, he got his degrees through affirmative action.
The Yazidis need to find a young, black Yazidi to tell of their plight (you know, one who would look like Obama's imaginary son would look )
Seems to me that we had just such an individual at one time, however, he was drummed out of congress by his jealous constituents. Why? He had new ideas, wanted to change the way congress operated, thus he was put through the ringer and bad mouthed by his fellow Republicans. Remember him? His name was, and still is, Newt Gingrich.
You can thank the RNC for Alexander's primary win, they outspent his opponent by millions.
Tell that to this administration who funds Hamas, Taliban and other muslim terrorists who turn around and try to destroy us.
When were all these AIDS victims quaranteed? It was considered against their civil rights and discriminatory to quarantine them, the very reason is was spread worldwide.
Yes, he could have done something really worthy, like being president and living on the golf course.
Once again Ann has jumped into a debate she should have avoided. Isn't this the same woman who was ga-ga over Governor Christie? Has she ever apologized to her readers for being so naive?
Williams was a flaming liberal, that should have been the first warning that he had mental illness.
Corker had better start worrying about his re-election to the Senate.
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