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The 2nd amendment is also applicable to "Obama is coming"
Joni Ernst......Sarah Palin with common sense and a good speaking voice. If Congresswoman Ernst doesn't strike fear in the liberal democrats hearts, nothing will.
What? This election was precisely against Obama and his policies, most of which are unconstitutional. To allow him to continue on his predetermined path is to DEFY what are forefathers fought for. It is time to right the treasonous acts Obama has foisted on us,
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A Tough Night At MSNBC

charlesthehammer Wrote: Nov 06, 2014 6:03 PM
Look for Ann to get back on the Christie bandwagon.
If she, and others who choose to disobey the law, ends up with ebola, do we, the taxpayers, get to sue her
If health care workers can refuse quarantine and sue for this privilege, can we, as possible contractors of the disease, sue health care workers who avoid quarantine and end up contracting ebola?
Where is Dr. Nicole Lurie, the original ebola czar?
We aleady have an Obama appointed ebola czar, Dr. Nicole Lurie, look it up.
The judges are democrat appointees, how else would they rule?
Evidently they are that stupid, they are democrats aren't they.
Anothr case of the democrats packing the courts. A fair, unbiased ruling in a federal court is virtually impossible now, the courts, along with the liberal press, are a sham.
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