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Taft, your post doesn't make sense, but I guess that's normal for you.
Enthusiasm and passion are two of many qualities candidates must acquire from the voters. Bush, Christie, Romney etc. are the usual bland RINO candidates favored by the RNC elites, they have NO chance of winning election, there is absolutely no groundswell of support from the base. Conservatives have to select ONE candidate to support in order to defeat the elites, make up your mind early who is THE right one.
Why is it that universities, supposed bastions of intellect, do such stupid things? Any human with a shred of intelligence realizes that Muslims are slowly, but surely (with Obama's blessing) taking over this country, just as they have most of Europe. Why not fly the North Korean flag over the chapel, let Putin be the main speaker at graduation ceremonies etc. The arrogant stupidity of the Duke bureaucrats is amazing.
Are you saying Mitt or Cruz will be the next president? I didn't now you had that much common sense Taft.
Who gave government power to overrule parents in the upbringing of their children. Just another example of cradle to grave interference by self appointed "we know better than you" bureaucrats.
There needs to be a complete moratorium on immigration, say ten years or so. Any illegal immigrant now in the U.S. should be hunted down and deported, yes, it can be done.
What about Bergdahl? He not only rejoined the army but got a promotion and back pay for the time he was committing treason.
Watch Ernst, she will probably be running for VEEP in a few years, she has more oomph and cajones than the rest of the representatives combined, with the possible exception of Gowdy.
You have to realize the city of Atlanta was transformed from a Southern burg into a major metropolitan behemoth through the federal governments fear of MLK. Just list the number of federal agencies now headquartered in Atlanta, all to placate supposed discrimination of its black residents. Atlanta, along with Memphis, Detroit, D.C. and others are off limits, politically and otherwise, to whites.
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Où était Barack?

charlesthehammer Wrote: Jan 12, 2015 8:17 AM
Obama is still figuring out whose side he wants to be on.
All we can do, at the present time, is monitor the procedures and votes of congress day to day til the next election. Keep in contact with your member of congress, check how he/she voted on every bill, e-mail/phone them every week. For too many years politicians have been running free, not been closely followed, it's up to each of us to keep pressure on our individual representative.
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