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Jeb should se his common sense and forget about running for public office No mor Bushes, no more illegal immigrant pampering.
Where's Monica when you need her?
What part of "illegal" do you not understand?
Where do you get your info? The U.S. is still basically a conservative country. The problem remains, the Republicans haven't run a conservative candidate since Reagan.
Nice pitcture. Two losers sitiing nexrt to each other.
The above is the reason doing away with the draft has been a disaster. Two years or more in the military granted the recently graduated high schooler a chance to get his/her act together. A bonus was a sense of patriotism so lacking today.
Waiting to see the "brain drain" from Mexico.
And what do you have if Jeb Bush wins? Hillary lite.
Seems someone is using "an argument with fellow soldiers" as an excuse for this nut case's rampage. Let's face it, this guy was a nut and various "doctors" knew it. This case is not that much different from Nadal the Muslim nut, authorities were afraid to take steps to put this guy where he could do no harm.
You are right....he should have said "untrained ape"
People wanted "de-regulation" and they got it. Today there are more regulations then ever and service is lousy. Most ramp services are contracted out, a lot of times to those wonderful, peaceful, Muslims. Go figure.....
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