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Is that focker a Messerschmidt? (Old joke, you may have to look it up);
Yep. Does that make it okay?
Yep. Does that make it ok?
Impeachment works very poorly because it is so infrequently tried. Statistics you know.
Did you get your vasectomy yet? It would be a contribution to society.
Did Lee propose that we give each of them a $1 Trillion Dollar coin to pay their fare back to Africa where the could then buy a mule and 160 acres Plug in brain, read, relate, then comment rancid23.
So it's okay with you if rights are "infringed"
"As John Boehner told me a couple of years ago, his primary purpose is to "stop the bad stuff." Please, Mr. Speaker, hold that thought." And add to it "promote the good stuff". And while you are at it read that "little book" (Piers Morgan) and start applying it.
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Obama Gives GOP a Bailout

Charles SWVA Wrote: Jan 12, 2013 8:44 AM
UFOs arrive? They are already here. I just hope they do something. Non--liberal. You know, logical.
I recommend we call it Al-Gorezeera instead of Al-Jazeera.
Too bad PMSLSD has zero sense of shame. Too bad PMSDNC has no lie detectors. Ed Schlutz = Chris Matthews = RINO CINO JOE = NBC News = . . . . .
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