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Obama to Defense Contractors: Break Law on Layoffs and We'll Pay Fines

Charles R Anderson Wrote: Oct 10, 2012 9:52 AM
It has been pointed out that in years past, employment of 18 to 25 year olds has fallen drastically in September as students returned to college and gave up their summer jobs. Not this September or last September. I suspect three things are going on here. One is that these last two summers, many fewer students were able to find jobs in the summer, so the student drop in employment in September was much less due to them returning to college. Another effect is that with college expenses having increased much more than family incomes have for many years, many more students may have very part-time work-aid assignments at their colleges as part of their student-aid packages. Now the BLs may be counting these students as part-time employees.

Following the surprise drop in the unemployment rate last Friday, I have seen many conspiracy charges leveled against the BLS.

I do not believe any of the conspiracy charges. Had Obama instructed the BLS to juice the numbers, someone in the BLS would surely be yapping. They are not all Democrats. Many were hired under President Bush.

Is Obamacare Responsible for Surge in Part-Time Jobs?

Some stated the 582,000 surge in part-time workers was a seasonal thing based on teachers going...

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