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Washington Hijinks

Charles K.2 Wrote: Feb 16, 2014 10:16 AM
The way it looks now, the establishment GOP is part of the liberal Democrat party, and the Tea Party conservative movement should now be deemed the New Republican Party. The Grand Old Party of yesteryear is dead. The Tea Party is the New Republican Party.
I'm happy for them, if that is a true couple. Not being in the military, my girlfriend of nine years is a Somali Muslim. Many think the negative, but realize, how the female Muslim populous was raised before encountering someone who treats them as an equal, not as a possession. It's more than what's under the burka. Read Proverbs 31:10-31 and you'll know what I mean.
Couldn't be more right, Dr. Giles. Rome wasn't built in a day, and our nation can't be saved in one term. Thomas Jefferson said that the price for freedom is eternal vigilance. If we can be around as long as these politicians, like Robert Byrd, or even Ted Kennedy, the better our country will be off. And we can get things straightened out, THE RIGHT WAY.
Unfortunately, the Republican party, and parts of the conservative movement have waxed cold on a lot of things, because we can only concentrate our thoughts, energy, time and money at one thing at a time. Democrats and liberals have multiple connections to get this done, whereas we do not. It'll take a generation to undo the damage Obamacare will wreak on our economy, and hopefully, we'll come out better, or we won't come out of it at all. Progressives are STUCK ON STUPID. PERIOD.
This is one of the flaws of the conservative: we think and piece together common sense solutions, yet we fail to, is scared to, or cannot, act on them. Liberals and Democrats don't really think about what they do, yet they act quick, and sometimes with positive results. It seems to me, and I'm one of them, that multitasking is not one of our strong suits. Living in Atlanta, Mayor Reed has taken doing that in stride. I still admire Andrew Young to a point, but my conservatism takes over when he says some crazy stuff. We, as conservatives, need to stop acting like cannibals among ourselves, and finally, FINALLY, come together on one accord, or we'll be spending our sunset years telling our grandchildren how the United States of America was when men WERE free.
Harold, you're fully right. They don't want us to advance, in fear of actually BECOMING SOMETHING. And they talk about whites holding us back? WE HOLD OURSELVES BACK! Just as they talk about whites being racist, ultra- left wing white liberals are pushing THEM to do the things they do to us. But, in the end, though they 'get' things, all they'll get is a bill of goods when it comes due. THEN what will they do?
What it comes down to is this: the leftist, socialistic mentality has invaded and fully engulped the black populous, and knuckleheads like Al Sharpton (he is unqualified to be called 'reverend') and Jesse Jackson (he also is unqualified to be called 'reverend') are leading the charge in any race-related issue. As long as it benefits them. And I see this as well. They have hijacked the emotions of this populous, and have them calling for George Zimmerman's head. If they can't get a rightful conviction, they will go to deep, and illegal, lengths to 'vindicate', including assassination, I hate to say.That's the way liberals are: when they don't get their way, the goon route is what they take, by any means necessary.
One thing about Herman Cain: he is a self made man, business man, and a very spiritual man. He goes to the root of the problem and deals with it. Reason why he was successful at Pillsbury, Godfather's Pizza, and at the ARA. Just like Romney, he can turn things around, yet with casualties no one wants to incur. Honestly, I'd like to see him as Mitt's vice presidential pick. He stirred up the private sector, he'd send Congress running with their tail between their legs.
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