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Bravo!! Since they want to ban any gun of modern design because advances in gun technology frequently start out being used by the military, we can propose the same attitude towards cars! Many advanced features of cars were first developed for racing vehicles. So, we should propose the Feinstein's of the world also insist on the removal of such features from civilian passenger vehicles. We would start with removing all rear-view mirrors and then move on to requiring that no advanced tires be used! ;-)
Rachel, you clearly have some strong OPINIONS on the subject, but most of the ones you've mentioned here are not remotely factually true and your representation of the NRA position is worse than grossly inaccurate - it's a characture. I expect more coherent reporting on TH!!
Yes! This is the critical point! Why aren't schools better defended? Why isn't someone else armed at the school to intercept the attacker effectively? It would be so much easier to arm and protect every school than it would to "stamp our evil" by early diagnoses and special programs to control the disturbed!
Speaking of alternative universes, just where is this and when that the "economy stopped hemorrhaging jobs"?? That would explain the steady drop in the unemployment rate under Obama, wouldn't it? In your universe, is the private sector doing fine??
Well, if he does, he should also publish his: Birth Certificate, College Transcripts, Selective Service Registration, Social Sec. Card, etc. ... just like Obama has! Posting a FORGED BC on the Internet, SEC FELONY.
You apparently didn't listen to this video at all before commenting on it! The point is that the "rich" already pay proportionately more!!
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Barney Frank Just Ripped You Off

CharlesE Wrote: May 28, 2012 4:18 PM
There are no such experts! Anyone who knows their field well enough knows that predicting the future is profoundly difficult! Yes it wouldn't be close to a cure-all but it wouldn't help either! Rather, if congress restricted its legislation to what's constitutional, that would be as good a restraint as any!!
Aura, you are lying! There is clearly no such consensus! Most actual climate scientists disagree with your position! Go and actually look it up instead of parroting the nonsense you see on the left's websites!
Aura! Try actually examining this subject rather than parroting left-wing nonsense. There is NO evidence for the catastrophes you are claiming - thus no such moral problem. The moral problem is the attempt of the left to destroy the quality of life of most of the population! It is not conservatives who reject science but rather the left's fraudulent "environmentalists" who can't explain why there is no evidence to support any of their predictions and no evidence to support the validity of any of their "models"!
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