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Bottom in for Detroit?

charles_v Wrote: Dec 05, 2013 10:53 AM
detriot has not hit bottom yet. the city council has to be a part time, minimum wage position. all city services should be at 100%. the dream of artists and tourists revitalizing detroit is just that a dream. what they have to be concerned about is higher paying jobs and trickle down economy. detroit manufacturing has moved to other countries and areas. most of all they have to concentrate on basic services and stop spending money on things they cannot afford.
that the unions may be damaged a bit may be true as well. one problem that i see is that the city council is spending money on things that they think are "neat". one example is 60 million for an ice skating rink to promote visitors to the downtown area. the money would be better spent on essential services such as police or public lighting of the streets. part of the re-org should be a method to make it harder to spend money on non-essential services.
this is actually a long term trend that i call tryanny by a slight majority. it is more the democrats following party line than trying to follow the will of the people. i hope this backlashes on them in 2014 if the GOP takes the senate. congress needs a independent group to develop and administer their rules. 1. stop congressional exemption to their law for citizens. 2. congress has adopted voting limits to make bills easier to pass. we need to pass laws that all people want not merely what the majority party works. to that end they need to restore 2/3 voting limits, not 60% or simple majority. 3. abolish majority/minority positions in congress. this will help to defeat party influence. 4. establish congressional seating by an alphabet of states. have congressmen be forced to talk to each other. i suggest that an association of state governments establish the rules for congress including their benefits and salary. the constitution did not establish a house of lords, it is time we had some group monitor the DC inmates.
i suspect russia had little to do with this iran deal. it has 100% OBAMA stink all over it. we have always know that Obama has bragged that his personal outreach to the muslim world would cure all the centuries of religious warfare that has persisted over time. it is not how stupid obama is, it is a question of how big his ego is. in terms of our allies and the world stage we are now seeing disgust with our aloes such as israel, saudi arabia, iraq, and egypt now facing a turncoat US president are now putting out peace feelers to russia. they will be buying the russian military goods at the same time that we are giving them financial aid. My immediate concern is that we stop giving them our top line very classified equipment. they cannot be trusted while russian advisors are on the same base as our classified equipment.
very humorous but i would say that if he to use the term "big government zombie" it would be more descriptive.
Ok, you have had your laugh with that title. By the way a lot of consideration must be given to congress when you compare spending. In 2007, 2008 Bush 2 had a democratic congress that had a lot of spending. Bush 1 had a democratic congress in 91, 90. Bill clinton in 92,93 had a democratic congress and spending was out of control. from 94 to 2000 clinton had a republician congress that did not let him spend.
not mentioned is age discrimination in hiring for technical companies. As a person is older it takes more time for them to find a new position if they are laid off. this depletes their cash in retirement income early. if a person is laid off at age 60 and cannot find a job they may well retire early, not by choice. another problem is with job numbers. if a PHD that was laid off gets a job driving a taxi the numbers consider him employed again. there is a big difference in government tax income from an individual making $100,000 a year vs. the same person making $20,000 a year. it is called underemployment. it all boils down to not enough real jobs and many people.
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Youth Unemployment Hits Home

charles_v Wrote: Nov 20, 2013 4:52 AM
there are several problems with the youth job narket in comparasion when i was younger. 1. we have exported manufacturing jobs. this also affects design positions. 2. we are importing far too many people with degrees. this is done on purpose to drive down wages. it is not fair to prospective immigrants. ask yourself if someone in your family ancestry would have arrived here if immigration was skewed towards those with advanced degrees. 3. our national productivity has suffered under excess regulations, taxes and costs. we need cheap energy, cheap transportation and fewer regulations that exist apparently only to add paperwork. 4. people entering college must look to a career choice that has high employment as well as something they like and feel challenging. a lot of students are selecting courses because they are easy, popular or liked by their high school faculty. i was struck by how many in the "occupy" crowds had degrees in liberal arts such as history of art appreciation or history of politics. what is not apparent is that there are technical jobs such as manufacturing, welding and auto design which may help to have a mentor to bring up to speed on modern techniques and tools. if we should have an increased occupational placement in these categories that the mentors are disappearing. which are not hiring.
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Oprah Plays Obama-Race-Card

charles_v Wrote: Nov 16, 2013 5:35 AM
i think everyone concerned with racist remarks should really look how blacks are treated economically under obama compared to GW Bush or regan. What was the black unemployment rate 10 years ago. what was the white unemployment rate. what are these under Obama. I think you will fnd blacks are worse under obama. granted they may have increased benefits for obamaphones, etc. but what about the amount of money they can take home from a job. suggest looking at DOL/BLS for an independent starting point.
Architect! There was an architect? I always thought that the ACA was a bunch of random clauses combined at the senate. the massachusetts romneycare is different in a major way. a lot of it was underwritten by the federal government. in this case there is no higher level pumping money into this. the guy being interviewed seems to be an idiot. he is ignoring everything saying it is too early to tell and everything is going to be OK. The basic concept of one person paying more than his fair share to support other people is not insurance, it is socialism.
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Why Kathleen Sebelius Needs To Stay

charles_v Wrote: Nov 06, 2013 4:43 AM
ACA/Obamacare became mandatory on OCT 1 after a budget battle from august to september 30. Reid and Obama were both saying "it is the law" and we have to use it. Part of the implication during the government drama was that the structure was in place and no delay was needed or required. it would make sense for obama, reid and pelosi to ask her if everything was ready. sounds like she lied to them. perhaps she can get a long term job as a rodeo clown in Missouri. As it is the tension and drama during September is probably her fault. if she had stated that it was not ready then a 3 month delay might have been agreed to. However she may have destroyed support for Obamacare by herself. we might not be able to force her to stay but we can arrest her and provide testimony under a grand jury. i think awarding contracts to CGI needs to be looked at. the only way to avoid the shame, ridicule and charges would be to commit suicide.
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