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Dean's comments demonstrate that, in his particular case, you can graduate from college and still be ignorant.
As the Senate has the power over Do"J" appointments and other administration appointments, it should exercise fully it's powers of "advice and consent" and not consent to ANY nominations sent to it by the White House until after Jan 21, 2017. Enough is enough with the lying weasels attempting to feed at the public trough while ignoring the vows they'd laughingly take to uphold the Constitution and the laws of the United States.
2A needs to read "As the Joint Chiefs of Staff determine", not the president. H's clueless other than lying about anything in the real world. He and his cronies in the White House should butt the heck out of military affairs as they have no concept of anything military.
Easy. No teacher/administrator/official wants to have to tell a parent why their prodigy failed. Too much blow back, threats, legal action, etc. Pass them along and let the next instructor worry about the problem.
Other than resign from the US Senate, name one positive contribution Johnnie boy has made to our country since he came home from Vietnam.
Shove it in the face?
While I was contemplating my witty response, the New Comment pop up surfaced on my screen. Clicking on it, I flew to the top of the page and saw a fleeting image of John Kerry and one of 0. What's the old saw about "birds of a feather...."?
A refreshing breeze in the Senate. May it become a gale and sweep out the Reids, Schumers, Durbins, et al.
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Will Brian Williams Lose His Job?

Charles926 Wrote: Feb 05, 2015 4:01 PM
If he is fired as he damn well deserves to be, will someone please post that here. It's the only way this household will know. Thanks in advance.
That one answer to that one question should completely disqualify her from any further consideration to be AG. Done. Case closed. Dismissed.
Were it not for White House interference, Bergdahl would have all ready been executed.
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