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The War On Uber Comes to Massachusetts

Charles926 Wrote: Jun 29, 2014 8:01 PM
And you wonder why its called The Peoples Republic of Massachusetts?
Yes, I did participate in an armed international difference of opinion once. That, in and of itself, adds to my frustration to the lack of spine on the part of this "C-in-C". Tell the Mexicans if there is ONE more incident like this, it will be the last one, and mean it! One more and we take out one of their military airfields completely. No warning, we just go. Maybe then the serapes and maybe a few others will figure out we're through screwing around and being the world's doormat. But that might interrupt a round of golf, so I doubt it will ever happen before 2017.
Damn shame the SCOTUS doesn't have time to review the balance of The Peoples Republic's rules and laws that violate basic human rights.
Come on, Lois! We've finally got you figured out. Your cover is blown and your few remaining shreds of credibility no longer exist. You are really Lying Lois Lerner. Exposed, naked for the whole world to see. No amount of denial or refuting will ever lead us to believe or convince us that is not a fact. Sayonara. One or two of us may miss your screeds, but you are TOAST!
Is it at all possible that the IRS Lois we have all come to thoroughly dislike and distrust is our very own Lois posting here under an alias or AKA?
If you measure joke as having some degree of "funny", this is far from a joke. From where I sit, it looks more like a Greek (or American) tragedy.
Beg to differ. The best way to fix "the problem" is to eliminate the Agency that's causing it.
I truly feel sympathy for this woman and the other families involved. But as far as wanting something, anything from this pack of liars? Hell will freeze over and all the "illegals" will go home voluntarily before that happens.
Surprise! Cover-up here. Hit the Dell link. It tells you what the service will do but it doesn't come with the sites pre-blocked. Someone at the local level filled in the blanks. We know what happened next. Kudos to the student for speaking up.
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