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The additional tragedy here is the damages won't be paid by ATF. Instead, they will be paid by the American taxpayer. The defendants, when found guilty, should be forced to make any monetary compensation from THEIR personal pockets, not from your and mine.
Four months to fire? Pretty obvious where his seniors allegiances reside.
The government, any government, has NO right to tell me or anyone else, how to feed my children. I, as a citizen, do have the right to tell the government when the hell to butt out.
A real shame they all hid it from you!
Simple solution:move up the execution date.
Sure fire demonstration of the old Peter Principle: people promoted to a job one step above their level of competency. You won't fix the VA problem by hiring 28,000 more "professionals" who go home at 5 PM whether their day is finished or not. A start to fixing the problem might be to give managers the ability to fire non-performers and hold present employees accountable. Then, after you've culled the herd, you start to look for replacements. Money is not the major problem with the VA. It's attitude. On the front lines.
Back on the sauce again, girly girl?
That's why they're "academics".
Evidently haven't seen all the boring lies New York is running on TV about how wonderful it is to do business in New York State. How they'll give you tax breaks to move there and how business friendly they are. Must be true. They said so on TV.
Using Piers Morgan and thinks in the same sentence is an oxymoron. Being charitable, I will draw no parallels between Piers Morgan and moron.
Anyone still wondering why there's such a drive on to disarm US citizens?
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