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Mrs. Obama's Desperate Plea

Charles926 Wrote: 16 hours ago (4:51 PM)
"And you can cry me a river", but it won't make any difference. Perhaps, just perhaps if YOU'D kept your mouth shut and stayed home, hubby wouldn't be in the toilet. Crass, stupid, mindless actions on your part have consequences. Looks as if the turkeys are coming home to roost with your turkey.
Wonder how quickly DC's crime rate will drop? Are you listening, Chicago?
This is late July. The elephant still has plenty of time to screw things up prior to November.
Not one more dime for the VA! The money they are wasting now is more than enough to cover shortfalls in patient care budgets. As an example, why are there three major VA treatment facilities in the greater Boston area, two of them less than ten miles apart? Why is at least one of them forced to spend money for equipment they don't need or want? Does this hark back to my old Navy days when, approaching the end of the fiscal year, you had to spend money whether you needed material or not, just so you could have the same budget the following year? Do either of these legislative proposals allow/mandate that senior management get rid of staff that doesn't perform? If not, its all a waste of time and air space. If Congress really wanted to "fix" the VA, they'd get out of their offices and talk to the end users, or, better yet, let the end users reform and run the system. And they'd quit grandstanding over the issue and stay home from vacation (their current one has lasted long enough) and solve the problems.
Wonderful examples, all of them, for mandatory military service. Drill instructors would thrive on this kind of cannon fodder.
And this has what, SPECIFICALLY, with Pocahontas? If you can't stick to the subject at the start of the thread, come back later after you've received an elementary school education.
What is rarer than 0 telling the truth? An honest Massachusetts politician. Know from personal experience.
Looks as if Henry VII has been in the Vth again.
Winner, so far today, of The Dumbest Thing Uttered in Public By A Member of Congress. With 7 1/2 hours to go, he may very well be the winner overall.
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