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Hmmmmm, So socialism doesn't work in the most socialistic state in New England? The one with the Socialist senator in Washington? The place where all the socialists from New Jork moved to escape taxes in New Jork? Well if it won't work in Vermont, where will it work? Even some of the dimmest bulbs on the Christmas tree are beginning to find out........socialism won't work anywhere. Why can't they/won't they just look at Europe and save themselves all the money and aggravation they've caused themselves?
Ferguson, and many communities like it, will not truly be rebuilt until the families living there are rebuilt. From the ground up. It will not be rebuilt until the families realize that they have responsibilities to themselves and to their neighbors. Unless these non-funding changes are made, Ferguson and its kin will face the same risks and problems that led to the "unrest" originally.
Cuba wins, US loses, AGAIN! Damn, this is getting tiresome.
Been there: done that, just because of BS like this.
If she has fallen into obscurity, why this screed?
The good professor is so full of it, his ear lobes are brown.
Babs, Barbie and Nancy. One down: two to go.
Fork her: she's done. Would like to say "it's been nice", but that isn't the case. Don't let the door hit you on the way out, Mary.
One of the sadder parts of this is that once you hire a GS, you can't get rid of them. Wonder if all these new GS's are legal citizens?
Congressional leadership is an oxymoron. Kinda' in line with a lot of the members therein: morons.
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