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That one answer to that one question should completely disqualify her from any further consideration to be AG. Done. Case closed. Dismissed.
Were it not for White House interference, Bergdahl would have all ready been executed.
Be careful! Be very careful. As a senator, Lizzie is a bust. Does that remind you of any other, unknown, freshman senators who ran for higher elective office?
A match made in ......? Michael aboard as it crashes into the ground. Couldn't happen to a more deserving group.
And you expected........?
All this discussion and everyone's overlooking the obvious: Ms. Fluck: As flucked up as California is, she's a shoe-in. Or something in.
And you expected what other result from the cesspool?
Back under your rock, Ross. You've had your 5 minutes of glory. Time's up.
Wow! Please add an addendum and tell us how you really feel toward the WH!
Where was the "unnamed official" whilst 0 was spatting in Bibi's face and o the good people of Israel? Crybabies don't appreciate turnabout, huh?
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