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Anyone still wondering why there's such a drive on to disarm US citizens?
If Geraldo was a horse, someone would have walked him out to pasture and put him out of his misery. Unfortunately, he is just the rear-end of a horse.
Watching New York try to outdo libs in California is akin to watching Nancy Pelosi to see if she'll say something today more stupid than Debbie Wasserman-schultz.
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Is Your Food Conservative?

Charles926 Wrote: Aug 31, 2014 7:02 PM
I'll save you all a lot of trouble. If you haven't seen it all ready, Google "Buy Partisan". Don't let Google try and correct your spelling, its Buy Partisan. It's a bar code scanning app that tells you the political leanings of the officers and directors of the product you're thinking of buying. Have fun out there fellow consumers!
And, to be honest, we have no policy in Libya, either. PITIFUL!
What the voters of the Peoples republic need to do is WAKE UP and destroy the democrat majorities in both houses of the legislature on Beacon Hill. Charlie Baker might be great for Massachusetts, but without some common sense in the legislature, all is for naught. I don't hold much faith in the overthrow happening.
Even if the Feds allowed asking about age and backgrounds, the lefties in Massachusetts would have none of it. Trust me.
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Green Monster

Charles926 Wrote: Aug 27, 2014 10:15 AM
The EPA: one of the very best arguments in favor of sun-setting ALL government agencies. Energy, Education, Transportation, Indian Affairs could also be added to the list.
Maybe, if they'd read the damn bill BEFORE they passed it, they would have discovered these "minor inconsistencies", or contradictions.
Koskinen and Lerner should be in jail, period. I'd give the head of IRS IT 72 hours to come up with the records. If they're not forthcoming, then it's office during the day, jail at night an no paychecks until ALL the emails have been recovered. Oh, and that missed pay? It's not recoverable. Really. Unlike the emails.
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