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Screw 'em. Nuke 'em, damnit!
Things must be getting really bad if Pravda has the long knives out. Oh! Who to believe.
Does anyone know yet if 0 cut his vacation short to get on top of this situation?
Maybe one of the officers should have asked the protesters, "Can he come live in your house with you". Let's see hypocrisy up close and personal.
Haven't heard the chopper leaving Martha's Vineyard yet.
But, PLEASE, not in the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts! At least, not until I get a chance to flee south.
"shows how wrong he is when it comes to election law". Were it that Holder's incompetence was confined to voting law. Alas, its not.
I hope from his military experience that Secretary McDonald has the sense to show up for these "inspections" unannounced. By doing so, he can get a real picture of what's going on rather than give the installations advance notice to make things ship-shape prior to his arrival. He might learn a lot more spontaneously versus with advanced warning.
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