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True journalists who sought out FACTS prior to publication would have known the true story before posting their lies. But neither of the authors above are known for their journalistic integrity. Can't wait to see how often this lie is quoted as Walker moves on in his quest.
Wish they'd swap their leader for our occupant of the White House.
Nothing, absolutely nothing is sacred to 0. If it moves, tax it or regulate it. If it doesn't move, force it to move so it can be taxed or regulated. Rome wasn't built in a day, but the US has just about been destroyed in 6 years.
And she wants us to trust her to run the country? Surely, you jest.
Maybe ESPN should call Piers Morgan to fill in the balance of the week. You know, to maintain continuity. One fool following another.
Looks as if someone with a D after their name should have read the damn bill before they passed it. Hey Ms. P: You passed the bill. We've read it and we don't like it one damn bit.
More class than the majority of the attendees last night.
And her company would be Chuckie Schumer, Lizzie Warren, Dickie Durbin, Eddie Markey, CT Blumenthal: How could she lose in company like that?
If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Suck it up or leave.
Thanks for my daily dose of drivel. Woman has ALMOST as much credibility as her boss.
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