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How do you insult something that doen't exist
Or, conversely, maybe Hope and Change pushed the envelope just far enough for even the "low info voter" to see there was no hope of finding anything inside the envelope and it is time for REAL change.
I thought the story said Joe-Joe the Clown was with him. Who needs a rubber chicken when you've got Joe-Joe?
Hopefully we can all say good bye to a one issue pony. Texans aren't dumb enough to buy the same horse twice, unlike many eastern libtards.
Thanks for this ray of sunshine on an otherwise rainy, windy, dreary afternoon!
Let's see if I have this straight. We're going to allow the IRS to determine what is free speech? I thought that was the job of the Supreme Court. Here's a radical idea. Let's just send 10% of everything we earn to Uncle Sam. All income, all sources, Wages, salaries, dividends, capital gains welfare checks, all sources. Then, we could abolish most of the IRS, save a lot of taxpayer expense and get everyone's attention to whats going on as we would all have skin in the game. Probably won't happen. Too simple.
It appears that Attorney Brienza had Barry 0 for his Constitutional law professor. Either that, or he slept through the class.
If someone knows who the employees discussed in this post really are, I wish they'd bring the names forward and have the perps FIRED!
Maybe Leahy should have read the damn bill before he voted on it. Then, he might know what was in it.
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Reid & Schumer Took Koch Money, Too

Charles926 Wrote: Apr 09, 2014 9:59 AM
If the Koch brothers had any principles at all they'd call Harry and Chuckie and demand their money back.
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