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Occupy and Redistribute D.C

Charles52 Wrote: Apr 13, 2013 8:16 AM
If every American simply sent that amount to DC to pay the debt, that dummy would simply waste it on some other of his hairbrained schemes and the debt would still never be paid. He has one goal and that is to ruin the nation an make it just like his homeland.
Bernard83 Wrote: Apr 13, 2013 8:48 AM
They cap unemployment benefits?
MIke3094 Wrote: Apr 13, 2013 8:32 AM
Exactly, we don't have a spending problem we have a tax problem. Get your hand out of my pocket, it's my paycheck not the governments. Cap welfare and food stamps the same way they cap unemployment benefits.

Here’s an idea: Let’s occupy and then redistribute D.C.

Let’s take the $3.6 trillion in spending that Obama wants in his latest budget and split it up equally between the 115 million households in the United States. The $31,304.35 income bump normal households would see wouldn’t quite bring the median American household income-- $50,054-- up to the level of those enjoyed by people who live on the D.C. metro area-- $86,680 -- but it would come close.

It would at least be better than the most recent idiocy coming out of Washington where they “taught” the rich a...