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Obama Protects Hollywood

Charles52 Wrote: Jan 19, 2013 10:08 AM
obama and his crew stand on no policy other than grab votes and power by any means possible and they are doing just that. It is the the chicago-dalley machine way and these clowns seek every avenue possible to exploit such to gain what they appear to believe is eternallity. It is no wonder they, and other politicians are expanding thier assault level protection while stiving to disable the population as they continue to explode their mindless lawmaking to end criminality they, in reality, create and exploite, while patting themselves on the back and telling each other what great public servants they are and how they will live in saint-hood. And yes, obama is concerned about the children, but kills the unborn, and prides himself about it.

President Obama and Vice President Biden gathered their children for a photo-op as Obama showily signed executive orders to prevent future mass shootings. It quickly became obvious that regulating the entertainment media wasn't part of his solution. Politics once more trumped policy.

Hollywood not only went unregulated, it went unmentioned. Biden announced that he had met with "229 groups from law enforcement agencies to public health officials to gun officials to gun advocacy groups to sportsmen and hunters and religious leaders."

He also met with Hollywood lobbyists and video game manufacturers, but was there anyone really expecting those meetings to amount...