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Obama Proposes Last Minute "Mini Deal," Adding Milk Lobby Bonus

Charles52 Wrote: Dec 29, 2012 9:38 AM
There are to many people looking for a deal to be cut but no one wants to use any brains to do any thing that makes sense like cutting useless items out of the wastful spending. Most of what the politicians spend on makes no sense..except to them as for purchasing votes. It takes a real idiot to think Federal Money is free. It always takes money from someone else and obama uses that system freely as he puchases votes from the non producers at the expense of the producers who he is killing and then has the audicity to tax more to pay for that stupidity. No wonder he got re-elected and just watch, he will declare congress and the senate null and void as he declared himself dictator before this term is up.... he knows he is the saviour.
Icthelite Wrote: Dec 29, 2012 10:59 AM
Everyone wants to look for the source of the problem as being somewhere other than where it really is.
It's not with the politicians we elect, though they really do nothing to help. It's with those that elect these people so they will have someone to blame because of their unwillingness to do what's necessary to change things.
Most people expect sacrifices to be made by others so they can maintain their status quo.

The one thing I am always afraid of in budget negotiations is that virtually nothing is done, or worse yet, something counterproductive is done.

Obama's latest Fiscal Cliff "Mini-Deal" Proposal is exactly the kind of counterproductive nonsense I am talking about.

Assuming the above Atlantic Wire article is correct ...

  1. The deal would delay or replace the vast majority of spending cuts called for in...