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Let College Students Carry on Campus

Charles52 Wrote: Jun 09, 2014 8:47 AM
And the liberals even want the military to go unarmed. When I was stationed on the DNZ in Vietnam, we were no allowed to carry a loaded weapon, so when an ambush started, we had to stop, (and in most situations, ask for permission from the higher command, if we could return fire) I am certainly glad I served my 27 years and am to old and decrepit to be in the armed forces today with a total dunce for a CinC whose most redeeming qualities are Teleprompter reading and race agitation.
I know of some white people who voted for the FRAUD. One woman told me she voted for Obama because Sarah Palin hunted wolves for helicopters (She holds a MS in education) and a white man told me he had to vote for Obama because there were no white people on the democrat ticked. A black man told me he supported Obama because "I likes what he says"
So many voters are so ignorant they have no idea of what is going on in the world and will vote for anything that looks or sounds good at the moment and have no qualms about demonstrating that ignorance on international TV, and that applies to so any of our politicians.
If voters would become somewhat educated and if there is an alternative, never vote for an Incumbent. But as long as people cannot locate the US on a map are allowed to vote, or cannot speak the English language, the US will continue to sink into a more and more abysmal mess.
English lass & Karl; The prices can best be controlled by consumers when they decide they have no need to have everything the sellers say they need. But the problems arises simply because the general public will not accept the fact of not needing all of those things, and the politicians will immediately jump in with "painless" solution to protect those who are noting their products/services are not needed after all I.E. Just recently the DOT head-knocker ranted about needed the gasoline tax to rise dramatically and one of the main reasons was the greater fuel mileage, and lower mileage driven. Even if there were no vehicles DOT would still scream for more money because there would still be the agency to run and that would take money. And consider the apparel industry and especially the auto industry, which continually redesigns clothing, and Vehicles in cycles and the financially stressed consumers still fall to the marketing ploy that they must have the latest styles and models. Everything must be "new" and of the latest fashion to be of any value. I one knew a Marine Corp captain who just had to have the latest fashion in clothing, after wearing the items one time they went into the closet and on to yard sales because they were of no value any more. I also recall how the government burned seven train-car loads of perfectly good lumber simply because the "shelf life" had expired ad building were torn down because they were "old" . People like to brag about how much they spend and how much and object costs. People tend to ignore the consequences of their actions, but blame others for the failures. I.E. They elected Obama , twice, even after he proclaimed in 2008m how his goal was to "fundamentally change the way America does business" he/is now the same fools that support(ed) him are complaining of the results they are experiencing.
As long as politicians inject their idiotic ideas (lack of knowledge or control) prices will always swing one way or another, but always in a mess because politicians, like BHO, have little, or no, economic sense but always focus on two things 1. Getting elected and re=elected, 2. Stealing taxpayers money to accomplish number one. Just like BHO, no fiscal, or reality knowledge but glorying in legacy activity that is destroying the nation while neglecting the reality he will be dead and gone while the results of his search for fame continues for decades, if it is ever overcome.
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The Easy Answer

Charles52 Wrote: May 28, 2014 7:07 AM
As I have maintained for years, the human animal is the only one that will create more ways to destroy himself only to stand around patting himself on the back and proclaiming how good and productive he is while he falls into the grave he dug himself while trying to convince himself he has been making progress all the time.
And that reality applies, also, to those idiots who support her, as well as the majority of the demodumdums.
Old Bernie is so stepped in his ignorance he has obviously been convinced that garbled speech is for only the gifted such as he.
No, jackoooo, holder only views the situation as black which is the demonstrated views of Obama who is also continually demonstrating a fabricated ignorance of reality, and being supported by people who are more ignorant as they continually inhale his gastric exhaust emissions.
Anything spoken by the Obama administration has been a lie, so what is new about this clown?
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