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Gunny, my approach to an election is to never vote to return any Politian to office if there is any alterative. In a political science course I took it was pointed out that voters will typically vote based on column inches in the printed media, and/or seconds or minutes on the air waves and it matters not what the message was...and that coupled with the low, or non-information voter will guarantee the perpetuation of self-serving politicians, and the current occupant of the oval office was the direct result of race voting, not knowledge of qualifications, character, integrity, or anything other than race and acceptance of vain promises, then in 2012, turning a blind eye to the promised reality. Then, all of that, coupled with the ignorance of those who stayed home while spouting "I will show the and just not vote" thereby voting by default for the winner. CWO-4 (Ret) USMC
It is sort of obvious Obama and his minions seem to have a recruiter whose sole job description is to go out a find the most corrupt people to fill super sensitive positions so they will perfectly match Obamas image. It would appear those criminals could be convicted on the "circumstanual evidence as has been done in murder cases, etc. But these crimes are under the jurisdiction of holder and Obama which automatically puts them under their umbrella from appointment to retirement.
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The Impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama

Charles52 Wrote: Jun 22, 2014 9:20 AM
Obama has committed so many acts that would qualify him for impeachment, but for two reasons I doubt it would ever happen: 1) there are to many congress men, and women who are so corrupt themselves and who depend of favors from the 'destroyer - in- chief, 2) as long as hairy reid is in control of the senate, Obama could commit murder and hairy would still refuse to convict. 3) the liberal media would never support impeachment, 3) there would likely be a widespread uprising among those who breath his past gas a the elixir of life and who depend on his policies, including the soul-saving democratic party. The only way to solve the problem is to get to the poles and vote, BUT, most always, as long as there is an alternative, NEVER VOTE FOR AN INCUMBENT AND DO AWAY WITH SUCH HUGE BENEFITS AT RERIEMENT FOR GOVERNMENT PEOPLE. And, in addition, do away with labor unions in public sector positions.
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Poll-Tested Pee in a Cup

Charles52 Wrote: Jun 22, 2014 8:59 AM
Yes Raymond, the testers in many situations are worse offenders than those being tested. This has been a problem in the military for years and many careers have been ruined because of it. I refused to pee in a cup when the time came for me to rotate back to the states from Vietnam and Okinawa and I was told I could not go home until I did, but when I told the command I would gladly to it if 1) the testers were proven to be "clean and honest". 2) people of my rank (CWO) had ever been found to be drug users, When neither of these provisions could be met, I boarded the plane and came home and retired 2 years later.
Kerry, like Obama and numerous others in DC, are so in tune with the terrorist they naturally are in tune with and support those whose goal is to destroy the US, Keep electing/reelecting them and help them achieve their goals. We are, without question, in my opinion, doomed for disaster.
You may recall, Obama, in his first inaugural speech, 2009, said " I will be guided by radical minorities and my goal is to fundamentally change America in the way she does business", and he has done, and is continually doing that. I could understand how the nation could be duped the first time by ignorant voters, but to fall for the same scam a second time. and I am fairly confident those same voters will gladly put Hillary in 2016 because she wears her hair long and wears panties "I suppose".
Controlling her own body in so many situations is nothing more than an inability to keep her legs together.
Darby, you have said a real mouthful. I say many military men overseas convicted of "rape that was nothing more than a method of getting dollars, or to punish a man for not agreeing to bring the woman to the LAND OF THE BIG PX" Post exchange", Even here it happens because a female wants something. I was accused of attempted rape by one of my 9th grade students and a woman who I picked up alongside the road, in a driving rainstorm, and drove her home because she has, mindlessly run out of gas. Now I let them walk and enjoy their plight.
So true. Just another case of the nation's idea, and practice , of blame and punish the victim who has no power, nor even a small voice as he/she is murdered.
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Let College Students Carry on Campus

Charles52 Wrote: Jun 09, 2014 8:47 AM
And the liberals even want the military to go unarmed. When I was stationed on the DNZ in Vietnam, we were no allowed to carry a loaded weapon, so when an ambush started, we had to stop, (and in most situations, ask for permission from the higher command, if we could return fire) I am certainly glad I served my 27 years and am to old and decrepit to be in the armed forces today with a total dunce for a CinC whose most redeeming qualities are Teleprompter reading and race agitation.
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