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Ann Coulter's Conservative Sell-Out

Charles414 Wrote: Jan 31, 2014 3:44 PM
Seems to me that Ann Coulter has a delightful sense of humor - but that Mike Adams is lacking in that department.
Ann was mistaken when she said that she agreed with Moynihan about American slavery being "the most awful the world has ever known". Note that Americans bought slaves from Arab slavers in Africa for roughly 100 years, and there are better than ten million descendants of those slaves living in America today. Contrast that with over 1,000 years of Arab slavery, continuing up into the 1950's on a wholesale basis - and where are the descendants of those slaves in the Arab lands today? - They are conspicuous by their absence, that's where they are. Moynihan had absolutely no clue about "the most awful slavery the world has known", and Ann was dead wrong to agree with him. Her clue should have been the fact that he was a democrat. History tells us that America siphoned off a small percentage of the Arab slave trade for one-tenth of the total time that Arabs had been abducting Africans for their own slave market. There are ten million descendents of American slaves now living in America - and virtually no living descendants of Arab slaves to be found in Arab lands. - And American slavery was "the most awful the world has ever known"? - I don't think so.
Huma looks creepier than Anthony does, by a wide margin. Beautiful? - I don't think so! .
The obvious thing to do - is to make multiple copies, then pass them out to elementary school kids on the way to school.
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Freedom: The Unfolding Revolution

Charles414 Wrote: Jun 14, 2013 9:30 AM
The enemies of freedom are the enemies of humanity.
The American Indians had it right. The women did all of the work while the men went hunting, fishing, and exploring etc... I think that American men should think twice before they complain about this trend.
Goofy-Looking, too. Where does Obama dig up these clowns?
When Bill does not research his topic and then goes on spread misinformation - he's not doing a very good job of looking out for the folks. Shame on Bill for this misbehavior on his part, combining ignorance with arrogance precisely like the liberal loons that he so often disagrees with.
It doesn't stand up, or stand out much on its own. The only reason that we hear much about atheism at all today is because the progressives have latched onto it as a tool for undermining western civilization. If the commies and the fascists weren't hot on it in a big way, the few atheists who are actually there for atheism would rarely if ever show up on the radar. - There wouldn't be enough of them who would have any kind of penchant for activism, you see. Most genuine ( non socialist/fascist ) atheists that I have encountered have a particular disregard for big government, which they see as being even more intrusive and heavy-handed than the major religions. You don't hear much from these folks though, their voices are drowned out.
Bill slapped the Atheofascist around a bit, smiled and said "Good night." You tell em, Bill.
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