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Is It Time to Let Obama Have His Way?

Charles41 Wrote: Dec 11, 2012 11:56 PM
It doesn't matter what republicans do potus will lie about it and the lie will be parroted by the media. Repubs need to make some outlandish acusations of their own and stage some media visuals too good for msm to pass on with their message attached. Nothing will change until perceptions change for the average low information viewer. Only when that individual is googleing the tidbit he heard a whisper of will he find the information I wish him to have and make life difficult for both O and msm.

The White House's campaign apparatus is still in high gear.  Below is the email I received yesterday from Stephanie Cutter.  It shows just how easily the left can caricature the GOP's position on the fiscal cliff, especially given the press's ideological sympathy for the President.

Even a casual read make it obvious that the President is planning to blame Republicans -- not just for taking the country over the cliff in order to protect the hated "rich," but for everything that could possibly go wrong in the aftermath (and don't think he won't try to confuse Americans into thinking the new...