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The Arabs in Israel are happy to be there, better to stick to killing those shooting at you.
He listens to hatred and that's all he wants to hear, sick, vile, distorted, disgusting hatred.
Satan hates Israel, who's side are you on.
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A Tale of Two Moralities

Charles41 Wrote: Jul 12, 2014 12:22 AM
The printing of the bible saved the world from the dark ages, paved the way for the industrial revolution, and created everything good about western civilization. Too bad, these days it's hard to find Americans who understand that Jewish mother.
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Quit Playing Politics with Kids

Charles41 Wrote: Jul 11, 2014 10:21 PM
Ok, Linda, one might expect nothing less than compassion from a woman, but really..... Never mind that illegal immigration is lower now than it has been in decades. Never mind that the Obama administration has, in fact, deported more illegal immigrants than any administration in history. The kids aren't sneaking across the border; they walk up to border patrol agents and plead: "Apprehend me." Illegal immigration my dear is through the roof and not lower than in decades... Out of that influx it would be hard indeed for this administration not to deport more... Any other nation in the world would have set up refuge camps where these people could be safe if it's so bad where they came from. When I see pictures of a woman with three children I do not expect her to be here looking for work. We are going to be spending our children's birth rights to feed. house, and care for these people like it or not. So pick a large plot in the desert and give them the tools and two by fours to make shelter, feed, cloth and give medical attention there. I say have each governor appoint two local judges to hammer out a resolution and force the party people to accept it. Your right about one thing, no politician would be in a position to honestly take care of the needs of we the people. Even were they to be locked in a room and promised no one would hear what they said or how they voted the decision it's self would out them and they would know it.
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The Cramdown Artists

Charles41 Wrote: Jul 09, 2014 12:57 AM
Don't know what your talking about, nobody shut me up. The one true and living God, the God of the bible is the only perfect Person capable of meeting the needs of "ought" in the mind of man. God rejectors display their shame with every wise decision they conjure up.
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Why America Is in Jeopardy

Charles41 Wrote: Jul 09, 2014 12:43 AM
Hogwash. As an extreme religious follower of Christ I can tell you what you are preaching is as detrimental as any other false religion. You suppose you can pick and choose from what Jesus said as it appeals to your fallen nature, not a chance sir. Jesus mocks human wisdom, including yours.
The bible knows nothing of race, race is a product of evolutionary thinking which is why it was so well received by Hitler he offered Darwin his highest national awards.
There are still good churches, and we should avoid forsaking the assembly. If not in your area stream Gracecommunitychurch.org/live and invite a few friends.
I suppose cults in the sense secular humanism is their 'other book" but they long ago abandoned the word of God for what they called a "seeker friendly" gospel a tad short on teeth and essentially embraced what amounts to a social club attractive for those who want to be inoculated by a dead faith against catching the real thing. It's pretensy christianity lite not worthy of capitalization and wholly unworthy of Christ.
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