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I hope you drop back and read this because I don't have to die to know now and no one does. God says if you seek me you will find Me when you seek Me with a whole mind. I know, not because I have deluded myself but because I was and knew I was forgiven by a holy God.
The president is determined to destroy any effort to use our resources because his mentors wish to hold them for an eventual soviet take over. He doesn't realize it I know, he's just a stupid dupe, but the fact remains.
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Fifty Shades of Sickness

Charles41 Wrote: Feb 20, 2015 1:04 AM
You gotta give up on this idea secular people are going to "see" as in understand their inherent evil tendencies just because they are so obvious when you point them out. They don't want to believe and can't, they refuse to believe because they love their sin.
One thinks it perhaps better to throw out all the Barbra Streisand and declare insane or not we do not want this person loose in our midsts. I don't care what your issue is, if you kill people you die, easy as pie.
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A Failure to Confront Evil

Charles41 Wrote: Feb 20, 2015 12:38 AM
The great and shinning 0 and his ilk are far more afraid of Christians than they are ISIS because taken seriously Christianity identifies them as evil people sold out to their sin and fundamentally harmful to society. ISIS is a far away evil they do not feel any real threat from though the many see them as senseless for it..
You deserve to be just like Russia if that's the best you can do sir. You, among no other nation were given the rights you should have and deserve from God and only you can claim them for your posterity if, if you understand and protect where they came from and why you should deserve them. Fail David, fail.
I understand, you have so many words you can use in one post and no one could give the full picture in this space, but what is tragic is no one it seams is willing to put forth the effort to read Blackstone or pursue to understanding what you had hoped to say. Would to God we still had such men as wrote that document.
The way to deal with the media is to answer the question they should have ask.
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Why No Swimsuit Issue of Men?

Charles41 Wrote: Feb 17, 2015 12:41 AM
It is imperative they be divorced from reality and thinking from a contrived reality which only exists in their faith.
When it's the subject, that is violence against Jew's, , I'm going to leave the rest of this sentence unwritten out of kindness.
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